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JBT PRoCARE® – Managed Preventative Maintenance

PRoCARE Swish with gears

There are a lot of moving pieces — literally — involved in an airport operation. And it takes an immense amount of diligence, organization, skill, and hard work to keep everything going. Equipment maintenance and readiness are one of the main drivers.

JBT won’t just help you reach that minimum bar. We can facilitate your way to optimal business with our renowned ProCare program.

PRoCARE, a comprehensive approach to maintenance management, is designed as a proactive solution that maximizes in-service time for your JBT equipment. Our program leverages the extensive experience of JBT’s customer care team to provide your crew with the tools it needs for next-level support.

By understanding your operational requirements, JBT creates a bespoke PRoCARE plan. You get a single, comprehensive solution tailored to your support program. This enables you to improve your maintenance in the short-, medium, and long-term — which yields additional benefits like:

  • Increased equipment uptime
  • Improve performance and ROI
  • Overall costs savings
  • Streamlined maintenance operations
  • Having a trained and educated maintenance staff

Above & Beyond with JBT’s PRoCARE Promise

JBT pulls out all the stops when it comes to proactive service and ensuring reliable equipment. That’s what makes PRoCARE so distinctive.

You’ll be directly tapped into JBT’s highest-caliber technicians — with OEM expertise — and the best parts, supplies, and materials. You’ll discover that preventive maintenance assistance and emergency repair assistance have never been so stress-free.

On top of ticking everything off your preventive maintenance checklist, you’ll notice: 

  • Cost savings
  • Safety improvements
  • More productivity and greater efficiency
  • Faster maintenance turnaround times
  • Heightened levels of worker expertise

As you can see, there are so many reasons PRoCARE makes so much sense for your business. But, here’s greater detail on a few facets that customers love most — just to underscore the point.

Increased Uptime

Downtime is not an option for your operation. It costs money and takes a toll on customer contentment.

Fortunately, JBT PRoCARE keeps your machinery humming. Your equipment gets everything it needs for years of consistent, trouble-free operation. This includes: 

  • Proactive service — regular inspections, superior lubricant application, replacing worn parts with original replacements before they break down, and documented ways to optimize usage and maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance assistance — based on our manufacturer’s technical knowledge
  • Original, superior-quality replacement parts
  • Proprietary lubricants
  • Priority technical phone support
  • Emergency repair assistance

Improved Performance & Streamline Maintenance

Before starting your PRoCARE program, JBT makes sure your equipment is in peak operating condition. This lets us create a benchmark from which to track results. From there, we: 

  • Create a plan customized for your maintenance needs
  • Perform a deep inspection to make sure your equipment is operating as it should
  • Establish an optimal performance level
  • Train your operating, maintenance, and cleaning teams on how to sustain your optimally-performing machines
  • Provide thorough documentation of everything that needs to be done and when

Trained & Educated Staff

Nobody knows your equipment better than the people who built it. As such, JBT’s uniquely qualified to keep your machines running well and to train your crew on equipment upkeep and optimization. Here are some of the things you can expect from PRoCARE training:

  • Instructional programs customized to your needs
  • Documentation of best practices for peak operation and easier maintenance of your equipment
  • Predictable maintenance costs
  • Application training for your products and procedures

PRoCARE Features & Benefits

Just like our equipment offerings, JBT service and support products are comprehensive. With our preventive maintenance assistance, your operations will profit with consistently high-performing, reliable equipment. 

  • SLAs — Maintenance, service, and uptime agreements set expectations and guarantee satisfaction
  • Assured — OEM unit readiness inspections ensure equipment safety and performance ability
  • Refurbishment — Renewing dated machinery to extend service life and save you money
  • Know-How — OEM technical training (classroom, hands-on, online) develop your team’s skills for improved personnel and equipment value
  • In-Stock — Parts stocking analysis and parts agreements mean a ready inventory of components to keep your operations running smoothly
  • Experienced — Talented PRoCARE staff provide you with expert training and maintenance services
  • Support — Access to JBT’s global network of parts and technical staff 24/7/365 

Contact us anytime with questions about how these features can benefit your business.

Not Just a Preventive Maintenance Provider

When you work with JBT, you know we’ve got the products, services, and support to meet the requirements of a busy airport. Simply put — all your aviation support needs are covered.

In addition to preventive maintenance assistance, JBT’s a leader in:

Our optimized blend of consulting, technology, specialists, etc. creates the all-encompassing solution you deserve. This approach unites otherwise wayward operations, equipment, and workers into one, well-aligned tour de force.

JBT, Improving AeroTech for You

A quality portfolio of products and services is critical — but it’s not enough. You need the backing of dedicated industry experts to create the most comprehensive, effective, and enduring solution possible.

The Right Business Approach

JBT has a vested interest in your business and its success, now and down the line. Experience tells us that building a long-term, collaborative relationship is the best way for us to be able to better serve you and for you to get the most value for your engagement with JBT.

Soar with JBT Expertise

JBT’s been flying high in the aviation industry since the 1950s. In that time, we’ve amassed incredible knowledge and experience — which makes JBT an unbeatable asset for your operation.

Running an aerobusiness can be complicated and challenging— that’s why we extend our savoir-faire to you. JBT understands your infrastructure, systems, and personnel demands and can help you ensure good outcomes.

Reach out today to see how JBT can improve your business.


We’re here to help every step of the way.