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Gate Equipment

With its customer focus and continuous improvement culture, Oshkosh AeroTech offers safety-related enhancements and upgrades for its Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Gate Equipment, and Military Equipment to adopt technology that increases safety for those who operate or work around Oshkosh AeroTech equipment. These features are available with new products and are also offered as retrofits for legacy equipment when technologically feasible.

Fall Prevention

Oshkosh AeroTech provides an array of safety solutions and options to help reduce the risk of falls. From tunnel ramp handrails to rooftop fall restraint kits, we’re confident Oshkosh AeroTech can help meet your safety needs.

Fall prevention cables 2

Cable Fall Restraints, Including Kits for Flat and Corrugated Roofs

SLR Handrails

Stair, Landing and Rooftop Handrails

Fall Prevention Cage

Fall Prevention Cage

Interior handrails

Interior Handrails

Wheel & Drive Safety

Operating a PBB poses serious potential safety risks. Extreme caution needs to be exercised by bridge operators, ramp personnel, and others that may be in the vicinity of the wheels or other moving pieces of the passenger boarding bridge. Oshkosh AeroTech offers safety solutions and options that can reduce the chances of contact between individuals and objects and the boarding bridge.

Wheel bogie guard 767

Wheel protection system featuring touch-sensitive switches and drive guards encircling the wheel bogey assembly that are designed to stop the movement of the boarding bridge when contact is made with an object.

Joystick 187w

Joystick enable switch and “WAIT TO DRIVE” features that delay bridge movement momentarily, warning anyone near the wheels and giving them additional time to move away from the wheels.

Stairs E Stop

Emergency Stop Buttons on the console, service stairs, and remote control box to shut down operation of the PBB immediately if someone observes an unsafe situation.

T5760x3840 00313

Sensors and detection systems designed to reduce potential collisions with the PBB involving aircraft, other PBBs, or ground support equipment.

Audio & Video Safety Enhancements

Oshkosh AeroTech offers several safety features and options designed to give advance warning and help personnel remain alert and aware while operating the boarding bridge or working around the boarding bridge. 


Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras and monitors


Cab-mounted mirrors (on one or both sides of the cab), providing operators an improved view under the PBB and the area around the wheels


Flashing amber beacons and audible alarms  mounted under the cab and near the wheels that sound during bridge operations to warn ramp personnel that the bridge is in operate mode.

Interior handrails

Interior Handrails


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