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JBT Virtual Maintenance Training

JBT Virtual Maintenance Training is a great option for customers who are looking for a more cost-effective alternative to onsite training and/or are looking to bring technicians from multiple locations together. JBT can provide virtual training specifically for your employees and the JBT units at your location(s). Sessions can also be modified to fit your schedule.

JBT University Certificate


Each class participant will receive an official JBT Certificate of Completion for each Session.

For questions and/or additional information, please contact Brian Schrock at [email protected].

JBT Zoom Recordings Available on JBT University

If you are interested in viewing any of the previous JBT Virtual Maintenance Training Sessions on Zoom, they are available on JBT University at no charge. Classes include the following:

  • C15i (English/Spanish)
  • C30i/C40i (English/Spanish/Mandarin)
  • CLT8 (English/Spanish)
  • Ranger (English/Spanish)
  • B250/B350 (English/Spanish)
  • B650/B950 (English)
  • Tempest (English/Spanish/Mandarin)
  • Lektro (English)
  • EXP300/EXP400 (Mandarin)
  • Tempest-i (English)
  • AMSS ECO850 Belt Loaders (English)
  • AMSS 2000/215 Self-Propelled Stairs (English)
  • AMSS Towable Stairs (English)

If you have any questions and/or to register for JBT University, please contact Brian Schrock at [email protected] or +1 407 850 2874.


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