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Gate Equipment

Oshkosh AeroTech can assist in upgrading your Gate Equipment to fit the changing needs of your operation.

Upgrades Solid Tires

Enhance the performance of your gate equipment with upgrades and enhancements from Oshkosh AeroTech.  A variety of kits are available to improve the safety, capacity, and aesthetics of your gate equipment from Oshkosh AeroTech.  Upgrades and kits include:

On site, at the factory, minor or a complete rebuild.
Ancillary Equipment
Add Jetaire pre-conditioned air or Jetpower ground power units to your boarding bridge to reduce aircraft fuel consumption and green-house emissions.
Gate Monitoring
Upgrade to Oshkosh AeroTech’s iOPS Gate Monitoring and Management System to improve the operations, uptime, and efficiency of your suite of gate equipment.
Upgrade your bridge console to the latest in PLC technology for improved control, diagnostics, and compatibility with gate monitoring systems.
Bridge Drive Systems
Electro-mechanical or hydraulic vertical drives are available as are AC drive conversion kits.
Improve the look and operation of your boarding bridges with new canopies, aluminum floors, heated floors, and other cab upgrade kits.
Handrails, drive guards, detection sensors, operator assist driving systems and many more upgrades are available to improve boarding bridge operations.
Extreme Environments
A variety of heating options for boarding bridges and pre-conditioned air units help improve performance in extreme cold environments.


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