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AmpCart™ Towable Charging Platform

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Keep Electric GSE Charged and Ready to Roll

AmpCart bridges the gap between today’s carbon neutrality needs and tomorrow’s infrastructure.  A mobile charging platform that allows you to run today the all-electric ground support equipment of tomorrow – even when electrical upgrades and infrastructure are lagging.  Start meeting your sustainability goals now, with AmpCart.

Speed your GSE and airport electrification plans with the AmpCart mobile charging platform.  Get your electric GSE charged up, right now, anywhere on the ramp, without waiting for expensive and time consuming infrastructure upgrades.  

AmpCart is a towable, mobile charging platform ideal for keeping electric GSE ready for operations anywhere on the tarmac – even when GSE operations are far from fixed, battery charging stations.  With AmpCart, you take battery charging to the equipment, rather than taking the equipment to the chargers.  The significant power drain on GSE batteries getting from operational areas to battery charging stations and back again is eliminated and the cost to run power cables, install fixed chargers, and upgrade grid power minimized.  Operations are streamlined, electric GSE efficiency is increased, and infrastructure upgrades are delayed and minimized all while closing in on carbon neutrality goals.

AmpCart platforms are equipped with battery chargers, swing arms, cables, cable retractors, and Anderson A320 connectors to make charging GSE a breeze.  Two AmpCart configurations help propel you towards your electrification and carbon-neutrality goals:

  1. Grid Power Flexibility:  Operate multiple battery charging stations from a single grid input power source.  Connected to existing grid power, wherever available on the ramp, AmpCart can energize 4 to 6 chargers with dual output cables.  You can conveniently position your AmpCart unit to a source of grid power anywhere on the ramp and immediately begin charging your GSE remotely.
  2. Remote Operations Without Grid Power:  In some situations, cargo handling and other GSE operations may be far from available grid power.  AmpCart still lets you move toward your electric GSE and sustainability goals by acting as a mobile generator and battery charging platform.  If your operations are far from grid power, too much charge is lost in the transit of heavy, battery powered GSE between charging stations and equipment operations.  Little charge is left for the actual work.  AmpCart can be supplied with a diesel generator supplying power to 4 to 6 battery chargers right where operations are taking place.  Electric vehicles are charged, even when working miles from a charging station.  Overall power use is optimized and electric vehicles can be efficiently introduced into operations well ahead of infrastructure upgrades.
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Electrification and Carbon Neutrality Goals

Electrification of ground support equipment and carbon neutrality are long-term goals.  AmpCart helps you along the path to accomplishing those goals while maintaining efficient operations and avoiding expensive and lengthy infrastructure upgrades.  AmpCart facilitates the changeover to all-electric GSE without unnecessary disruptions and huge investment.  Even in remote operations, where electric GSE is normally not practicable and grid power not available the conversion to electric GSE is made feasible with AmpCart.  AmpCart allows for a single diesel engine to replace 6 to 12 diesel engines found in conventional GSE.  Resources are used efficiently and green house gases minimized.

Start going green today, with AmpCart.

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