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AmpCart™ Towable Charging Platform

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Keep Electric GSE Charged and Ready to Roll

Bridge the gap between today’s carbon neutrality needs and tomorrow’s infrastructure with AmpCart, a mobile charging platform designed to charge electric ground support equipment (GSE) directly anywhere on the tarmac. With AmpCart, you can run (and charge) all-electric GSE – even when electrical upgrades and infrastructure are lagging. 

AmpCart is a towable, mobile charging platform ideal for keeping electric GSE ready for operations anywhere on the  ramp – even when GSE operations are far from fixed, battery charging stations. This towable platform setup brings charging directly to the equipment, reducing the power drain and costs associated with moving GSE to fixed charging stations and the costs and delays of upgrading power grids and installing fixed charging stations..  

AmpCart comes equipped with battery chargers, swing arms, cables, cable retractors, and Anderson A320 connectors, making GSE charging easy. It offers two configurations:

  1. Grid Power Flexibility:  Connect AmpCart to a single grid input power source, energizing 4 to 6 chargers with dual output cables for fast charging.  You can conveniently position your AmpCart unit to a source of grid power anywhere on the ramp and immediately begin charging your GSE remotely.
  2. Remote Operations Without Grid Power: For situations far from available grid power, AmpCart acts as a mobile generator and battery charging platform. AmpCart can be supplied with a diesel generator, supplying power to 4 to 6 battery chargers right where operations are taking place.  With the mobility of a diesel generator, AmpCart can charge electric vehicles even when working miles from a charging station. 

Electrification and Carbon Neutrality Goals

AmpCart supports your long-term goals for electrifying ground support equipment and achieving carbon neutrality. by ensuring efficient operations before expensive and lengthy infrastructure upgrades are available, AmpCart is the solution to a smooth transition to all-electric GSE. 

Even in remote operations, where electric GSE is normally not practical and grid power not available, AmpCart makes the conversion feasible. AmpCart allows for a single diesel engine to replace 6 to 12 diesel engines found in conventional GSE. 

Start going green today, with AmpCart, new from Oshkosh AeroTech.


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