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AgileAir® Combination Air and Power Carts

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JBT’s selection of military aircraft ground support systems offer significantly improved functionality while limiting unnecessary energy waste and reducing general footprint.

Consolidate your aircraft ground equipment (AGE) and reduce your logistics footprint with the AgileAir from JBT. This diesel-powered cart is designed for hangar and flight line support. It replaces the A/M32A-60 and A/M32C-10 with a single, modern alternative. With integrated conditioner air, bleed air, and 400 Hz power, the AgileAir shrinks your logistics footprint while also improving your equipment uptime, flight line efficiency, fuel savings, and cost-effectiveness.

The AgileAir expands support capabilities while dramatically reducing unnecessary waste in terms of space and energy. Efficiency is at the core of AgileAir’s capabilities. This unit consumes less than one-fifth of the fuel required to operate traditional equipment, saving you money, time, and resources. It also has a smaller transportation footprint than older equipment such as the Dash 60 and C-10 carts. The AgileAir is not only more efficient in terms of consumption and cost; it has improved functionality at every level. By limiting sound levels and decreasing wasted space, your operation will be more modern and streamlined than ever before.

Features & Benefits

By consolidating your conditioned air, ECS air, and 400 Hz ground-power logistics support requirements into a single unit, the AgileAir improves efficiency and cuts costs. Its versatility and fuel-efficient design make it a ground-support powerhouse.

  • All-in-one – The AgileAir replaces two older units (the A/M32A-60 and the A/M32C-10) with a single cart, offering increased efficiency and improving ground support logistics.
  • Smaller footprint – A single 122-inch AgileAir cart supplies the same services as the Dash 60 and C-10 carts combined (which are over 158 inches in length).
  • Reduced fuel consumption – Burning approximately 75 gallons of diesel per eight hours of operation, the AgileAir offers significantly better fuel efficiency compared to existing equipment. The cart can run for a full eight hours on a single tank.
  • Power output – AgileAir supplies Mil-Std-704F 400 Hz power for your military aircraft.
  • Reduced noise levels – The cart provides conditioned air, high-pressure bleed/ECS air, and ground power with significantly reduced noise levels than older, currently used technology.

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Options & Models

The diesel-powered AgileAir offers conditioned air, bleed air, and power for hangar and flight line support of defense fighter aircraft. Its modern, high-tech design replaces two existing units, improving flight line efficiency, increasing equipment uptime, and cutting logistics costs.

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JBT’s world-class defense aviation ground equipment (AGE) has what it takes to get the job done. Our mission-critical machinery is built with mobility, efficiency, and dependability in mind. Our innovative and versatile AeroTech solutions are designed to help you with everything from transporting and loading cargo to maintaining and moving aircraft. You need to be able to count on your partners to not only deliver effective solutions, but also to have a comprehensive understanding of the intricate details of air defense. Our experience has prepared us to take on even the toughest of challenges and to continue to set new standards in AGE technology. 

If you’re looking to revamp your operation, JBT has you covered. Our extensive selection of AGE redefines what is possible in ground support solutions. Whether you want to optimize your operation on the ramp, in the hangar, or at the cargo depot, JBT has the experience, drive, and technological capabilities to target your specific needs and goals. From air and power systems, to loaders and transport trailers, to maintenance platforms, and more, our products are designed with user safety and productivity in mind. Defense aviation is constantly evolving, and the technology you depend on needs to progress with it. That’s why JBT is so committed to growth and development. In a world that is constantly moving forward, we make it our mission to be at the forefront of technological and logistical advancements.


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