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Air Transportable Cargo Handling Docks

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Defense strategy and doctrine continues to evolve to meet new challenges.  Ever growing in importance is air-mobility coupled with rapid, forward deployment – the “Base in a Box” concept.  Military agencies need to get equipment to forward stations and immediately begin to move, store, and transport that materiel.  The Air-transportable Cargo Handling Dock (ACHD) from Oshkosh AeroTech is a big part of the solution for forward deployments. 

The ACHD meets so many of the pressing logistical needs of today’s fast-moving, highly mobile militaries.  This portable loading dock is light, strong, air-transportable, and sets up quickly, allowing you to get your assets on the move and in place in step with tactical demands.

It’s a great fit for any static or forward deployed airbase needing reliability and agility. Our customers depend on the ACHD because they’re easy to use and adaptable to countless deployment scenarios. Here are just a few of the key features:

  • Assembled to full readiness in just 15 minutes per table
  • No special tools required. Individual tables can be joined together to create the optimal overall dock length
  • Tables fit on standard-sized, 463L defense pallets, five tables can fit on a single pallet
  • Suitable for MOB, FOB, and enroute locations
  • Designed to hold a complete C-130 five pallet load (when five tables are joined together)
  • NSN 3910-99-734-1475

These attributes — and more — make our portable loading docks ideal for your operation. In fact, as defense agencies have an ever-growing need for “bases in a box” and innovative ways to meet new challenges, the design genius and reliability of the ACHD are even more evident and meaningful. Our portable docks will help you achieve your air mobility and other strategic objectives.

Oshkosh AeroTech , the Leaders in Portable Loading Docks

The Air-portable Cargo Handling Dock (ACHD) from Oshkosh AeroTech is a robust, lightweight (1100lbs / 499kg per table), air portable (Hi-Line) cargo handling dock for pallet building and storage at main and forward operating bases. A typical dock system comprised of 5 tables is designed to carry 5 standard 463L (108”X 88”; 2.74mX2.24m) military pallets. The dock assembly is comprised of individual tables (96”X96”, 2.44mX2.44m) with each table capable of supporting 13500lbs (6136kg). Multiple tables can be joined together for optimal dock length.


  1. A typical ACHD configuration comprises 5 tables and is capable of holding 5 fully loaded 463L pallets.
  2. Lightweight tubular aluminum construction to BS2901 and equivalent welding standards
  3. Fast deployment and set up. Two personnel 15 minutes per table
  4. No special tools required for ACHD set up
  5. Easily transported. Five tables dismantle to fit on a single 463L military pallet at 5500lbs (2497kg)
  6. Large capacity. Each of the table can support 13500lbs (6136kg)
  7. Six rows of full-length low-friction roller conveyors for ease of pallet movement
  8. Large contact pads to prevent sinking into soft ground. Pads are mounted on ball joints for flexibility
  9. Independent adjustable height legs (37.5” – 43.5”, 0.95m – 1.11m) for leveling and ease of docking

Dimensions / Weights:

  • Each table 96” X 96” (2.44m X 2.44m)
  • Optional extended guiderails / handrails
  • Minimum height 37.5” (0.95mm)
  • Maximum height 43.5” (1.11m)
  • Weight of typical ACHD configuration (5 tables) 5500lbs (2497kg), fits on single military pallet for air shipment
  • Capacity of each table 13500lbs (6136kg)

Don’t hesitate to bring your questions to us anytime. We’re happy to show you how these features can benefit your operation.

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