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JBT: The Right Choice for Air Force, Navy & Army Aircraft Tow Tractors

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JBT’s a known leader in ground support vehicles. So, it’s no surprise that our tow tractors are regarded so highly.

We’ve achieved this by enabling you to better your airfield operations with machinery like our aircraft tow tractors. Leveraging smarter design processes and choices, our towing vehicles streamline logistics, reduce barriers, hasten aircraft turnarounds, and more.

Because of this approach to intelligent engineering, your tow tractors are: 

  • Constructed with the best processes and materials
  • Adaptable to meet your specifications
  • Available in diesel or all-electric models
  • Equipped to accommodate optional all-wheel drive with 4-wheel steering

On top of this, all JBT aircraft tow tractors boast qualities like:

  • User-friendly, ergonomic cab controls
  • Common warning and indicator lights
  • Centralized hydraulic systems with efficient load-sensing piston pumps
  • Advanced front suspension for a smooth ride 
  • Fuel tanks with easily-accessible fillers
  • Optional defrosters, rear-facing cameras, and USB ports
  • Optional all-electric models

JBT’s tow tractors are the best on the market — especially if you value performance, dependability, and reliability that’s aimed at satisfying defense aviation needs. Ultimately, with our vehicles towing at your airbase, you’ll be able to save time and money.

Features & Benefits

You’ll appreciate that these military aircraft towing tractors include several impressive attributes — like the ones below — to make them reliable, effective, and safe for the future.

  • Maneuverable — Tight turning radius for agile operation in congested flight line and hangar areas
  • Safe — Notch-back design with sloped fenders provides excellent rear visibility
  • Comfortable — Spacious driver’s cab mounted on isolators for a smooth, enjoyable ride
  • Maintainability — Large, hinged panels provide easy access to all major servicing areas
  • Capacity — Handles up to 135K lbs (13.6K kg) to accommodate a variety of aircraft
  • Stability — Hydraulic, steering, braking, and suspension systems ensure vehicle and load security
  • Durable — Sturdy, proven components minimize upkeep and unplanned downtime
  • Support — Access to JBT’s global network of parts and technical staff

Feel free to get in touch with us for more details on these features and the advantages they offer.

Military Tow Tractor Options 

JBT’s base model is a solid choice. But, getting the exact vehicle you need is even better. Make your aircraft tow tractors an even greater fit for your requirements with customizations like: 

  • Four-wheel coordinated/crab steering
  • Ballast packages for maximum GVW
  • All-weather cab with heater and defroster
  • Intercom plugs and jacks
  • Air conditioning
  • Conventional tow and towbarless models

All-Electric Models

The JBT fleet of tow vehicles also includes all-electric pushback and tow tractors. You can opt for a towbarless LEKTRO pushback tractor or one of our traditional tow tractors that are now available in all-electric, Lithium-ion powered models.  

This is a great way to go if you need heavy-duty equipment but want a lighter environmental touch or do not want to hassle with diesel fuel.

JBT, Your Single Source for All Things AeroTech

To get everything done at your theater of operations, you’re going to need more than a division of aircraft tow tractors. You have to have a corps of equipment and systems in place to function properly and productively.

Working with JBT simplifies and can improve your logistics. Our vast offering of products, services, and training creates opportunities for you to become even more streamlined and agile.

The Most & Best Airport Equipment

You won’t find better solutions than JBT’s anywhere. We have all the essentials for:

Civilian and defense airports worldwide confidently rely on JBT equipment to keep their operations running smoothly and predictably.

<H3>JBT, Aerobusiness Operations Pros

JBT has wide-ranging capabilities — beyond machines and parts — that meet your base’s every need. As specialists in Airport Services, we can help you reach the highest possible performance levels with:

JBT leverages technology, consulting, and skilled people, working in concert, to maximize the effectiveness of your operation. This all-encompassing approach is a sure way to unite standalone equipment, personnel, services, and so on into a single, high-functioning unit.

A Defense Aviation Ally to Count On

Successful missions hinge on teams working closely together. This rings particularly true for airport logistics.

JBT is a partner that more than pulls its weight. With us on your side, you know you’re getting the machinery, services, and support you need — and that you won’t have to face any operational challenges alone.

We aim to nurture a long-term relationship with you so we can serve you even better. It’s the best way for you to derive even more value from JBT. So, we’re here for you whenever you have questions or need help. 

Complete Solutions for Work Done Right

When you choose JBT, you’re choosing comprehensive aviation solutions you can rely on. You’ll have no need for anyone else to provide all your equipment, support, and services. Reach out today to learn how JBT can improve your operations.


We’re here to help every step of the way.