Cargo Loaders

Defense applications present a unique set of challenges. Cargo handling equipment needs to be robust and air transportable to meet the demands. And with defense spending always scrutinized  — high-value machinery and cost-effective ownership are a must.

JBT defense cargo loaders strike all those notes and more. It’s a major reason defense airport operations around the globe trust our equipment, with over 500 Halvorsen loaders in use worldwide.

Our corps of cargo loaders boast features like:

  • Ability to work with diverse commercial and cargo aircraft
  • Three- to five-pallet models accommodate loads of 25,000 lb (11,340 kg) to 50,000 (22,680 kg)
  • Designed to be stable during loading activities
  • Air transportable
  • Favorable operating and upkeep costs
  • Significantly-above-average longevity

Halvorsen 3 Pallet Loaders

JBT’s 25K Halvorsen 3 pallet loaders offer streamlined and safe cargo operations support, even in harsh conditions. Ideal for aircraft ranging from the AN 295 to the B747.

Atlas 4 and 5 Pallet Loaders

JBT’s 40K & 50K Atlas aircraft pallet loaders are efficient, reliable, and safe. They’re able to accommodate aircraft up to B747s at most airfields.

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JBT Defense Cargo Plane Loaders, Always a 6-Star Choice

JBT machinery is the Pershing or Washington of GSE. It’s earned its admirable position for more than just having lower ownership costs and exemplary resale value. Among its many other merits, our aircraft cargo transporters and cargo loaders have the following benefits:

  • Use diesel fuel
  • High-lift capability to accommodate aircraft from the AN 295 up to civilian B747 cargo plane
  • Suitable for ramped defense and for main-deck commercial cargo aircraft
  • Proven reliability in combat operation zones, humanitarian missions, and various global climatic conditions
  • Solid, fixed chassis and wheel-base for maximum stability during operation
  • Cutting-edge diagnostics
  • Intuitive and responsive controls
  • Automatic docking options

Some models even come with options such as:

  • All-wheel or crab steering
  • All-wheel drive
  • Integrated cargo trailer attachment
  • Powered loading deck
  • Compatibility with ULD, palletized, and bulk cargo loads
  • Operable over unimproved sites
  • Speeds up to 17mph (27km/h)
  • Air-conditioned cabs
  • Safety and efficiency features like auto leveling, tilt, roll, and side shift functions for the loading deck
  • Multiple proportionally controlled convey modules for efficient pallet movement
  • Flip-over casters that enable rapid conversion of platform from powered rollers to the handling of rolling stock for maximum flexibility

Engineered to be Better Cargo Loaders

From drawing board to done, JBT thoughtfully designs loaders and transporters with defense use in mind. That’s the conceptual thrust behind the features and functionality packed into our cargo support vehicles. Your JBT equipment can soldier along with troops because it’s:

  • Made using the best processes and materials
  • Customizable and configurable to meet your requirements
  • Quicker and easier to get up and running
  • Built for longevity
  • Compatible with other GSE

Easy to operate, easy to maintain, and highly reliable — JBT machinery streamlines cargo logistics support. This is a victory for productivity, safety, and more.

Aircraft Loaders that Make Cargo Operations Easier

Your JBT defense cargo loader isn’t just robust — it’s simple to operate and own. The use and maintenance of our GSE is straightforward and uncomplicated. For example, your crew will find:

  • Well-positioned controls for fast access and efficient operation
  • High-speed capability for keeping pace with airport operations
  • The self-docking option eases a tricky step in the transfer process
  • User-friendly design reduces training requirements

Reliability that’s Built into Your Aircraft Transporters

Standard aviation cargo operations are 24/7/365; defense ones could also be in a staggering array of environmental conditions. In this situation, unscheduled downtime could cause significant tactical or strategic setbacks. As a longtime partner to the defense, JBT understands the gravity and implications of this.

That’s why we crafted our aircraft ground support equipment to be as durable as possible. JBT defense cargo loaders are constructed to withstand arduous daily use. Because our equipment is so heavy-duty, it:

  • Requires less and easier maintenance
  • Provides smoother operations with fewer issues
  • Ensures greater productivity due to fewer service problems

Your JBT equipment will dependably help you get your material handling jobs done quickly, precisely, and securely — every time.

JBT AeroTech, More than Just Ground Support Equipment

Defense installations are bustling hubs of countless and complex activities. Working with JBT could calm the frenzy by facilitating operations, and yield better results.

JBT offers a vast selection of products, services, and support to meet the call of duty. If your base or airfield needs aviation support equipment or operational systems — JBT can help. We’ve got the solutions you require for agile and efficient airport operations.

Best Offering of Defense Airport Equipment

Why stop at K loaders? We certainly didn’t! JBT has a massive collection of other machinery that includes:

JBT hardware is deployed at civilian and defense airports across the world. Airport managers, cargo handlers, and support personnel need to know they can count on their machinery to perform and JBT has been delivered. Similarly, your air operations would benefit from our world-class equipment.

Air Logistics Support Aces

JBT can provide you with more than just the highest-quality ground support equipment. As the frontrunner in Airport Services, we also offer:

For the best effect, the JBT approach blends consulting, technology, skilled personnel, and more. An airport services engagement is often exactly what you need to forge a unified, effective system from otherwise separate supplies and equipment, operations, and workforce.

Your Ally in the Defense Aerobusiness

Airport operations can seem overwhelming but with JBT on your flank, you’re not facing these challenges alone. 

JBT’s battle cry is that we’re better together. To this end, we strive to establish collaborative long-term relationships. Doing so eases every aspect of addressing your GSE product and service needs. Plus, it allows JBT the opportunity to serve you with the attention and respect you deserve. 

We’re here for you throughout and beyond the sales process so that you can get the most benefit from JBT. As such, feel free to enlist our expert help anytime. 

Operation “Comprehensive Solutions” for Mission Success

Your recon for an end-to-end ground support equipment supplier is over now that you’ve fixed your sights on JBT. We’ve got all the machinery and support services you need and are ready to help you. Reach out today and see how we can improve your airport operations.


We’re here to help every step of the way.