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Aircraft Hangar Air & Power

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Defense aircraft are sophisticated and complex.  They require specific conditioned and high pressure air combinations during servicing.  Similarly, they have very specific power needs.

Fortunately, JBT’s equipped to outfit your fighter, cargo and specialty military aircraft hangars with the conditioned air and specialty electrical power systems needed to help keep your aircraft ready to fly.  If you want optimal power and conditioned air for your military fleet, JBT has the equipment you need.

As specialists in electrical power, high-pressure air, and conditioned air applications for military hangars, our solutions are deployed across the globe. Customers love our know-how and reliable hardware.

In addition to being robust, our units have proven incredibly capable. We have the equipment to support both fighter jets and cargo aircraft. Here’s a peek at some product highlights:

  • Pits for the underground placement of air and power equipment, distribution networks, hoses, and cables
  • Pop-ups for cable and hose storage and operational control of the devices
  • Flight Line Electrical Distribution Systems (FLEDS) for distributing 400 Hz, 60 Hz, and DC power
  • Line Drop Compensators (LDC) that make sure power is delivered at the correct voltage
  • JetAire heated and cooled conditioned air with a wide range of outlet temperatures, pressures, and mass flow rates
  • Jetpower electrical systems for aircraft with 270 VDC, 28 VDC, and 400 Hz outputs in a wide range of power ratings
  • High-pressure air units designed to support Environmental Control Systems (ECS)

JBT’s leadership doesn’t end with top-notch equipment and installations. We’re known for our world-class service, support, and logistics capabilities, too. Our status as the go-to source for systems and equipment design, power and air circulation, and construction management is based on our expertise with:

  • Distribution systems
  • Line drop compensators
  • Power panels
  • Piping
  • Valves
  • All the other elements necessary for a successful hangar

It’s clear JBT is your first stop — and last — for hangar air and power systems applications.

JBT Plane Hangars that Power Aviation

Perhaps you’re wondering what differentiates JBT in this sector. It’s simple. We’ve parlayed our decades in the industry and the field into solutions that airbase operators truly need. Our products and services meet the unique challenges you face in the demanding defense sector.

This means that JBT equipment is high functioning, dependable, and easy to own and operate. With qualities like these, you can see our airplane hangar air and power systems are winners. But there’s more. JBT AeroTech:

  • Can handle a range of aircraft
  • Is suitable for use in a variety of climates
  • Boasts an extended and predictable service life
  • Is made using the latest processes and best materials
  • Is user friendly and requires minimal training
  • Integrates well with other equipment

The combined effect of this exceptional bundle of attributes is that you’re getting incomparable value, ownability, and performance. JBT’s hangar power and air solutions can help you — consistently — ratchet up productivity, reduce costs, and slash turnaround times.

Features & Benefits

JBT’s air and power solutions have all the features you need. Because of this, you’ll find that caring for your aircraft gets done quickly, effectively, and safely.

  • Heavy-duty — High-grade materials and advanced construction techniques translate to equipment reliability
  • Longevity — Built to last for favorable lifetime ROI
  • Convenience — Single-source supplier, designer, and integrator of entire hangar systems streamline operations and cuts costs
  • Range — Can accommodate F35 jets, cargo planes, and more for increased flexibility 
  • Precision — Compliant to Mil-Std-704F to ensure proper power standardization
  • Options — 18 grain or 55 grain supply air to best meet your specifications
  • Expertise — Vast knowledge of requirements leads to proper outlet temperatures and flows on systems
  • Facilities — Extensive military and commercial construction experience results in ideal, customized hangar equipment installations
  • Management — Skilled project administration to make sure work concludes on time and on budget
  • Support — Access to JBT’s global network of parts and technical staff

If you have any questions about how these features can benefit your operation — don’t hesitate to contact us.

JBT, Powering on Beyond the Aviation Hangar 

In a perfect world, all you would need to do to keep your airbase humming is flip a switch in your airplane hangar. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

It doesn’t need to be overly complex or difficult, though. JBT is ready to help you accomplish every airfield task on your list. Our vast catalog of products, services, and training is more than sufficient to meet the demands of a defense hub.

When JBT joins your ranks, you can oversee your airport with greater confidence. When you work with us, it’s likely that you’ll see marked improvements in logistics, asset and facilities management, and more. Our solutions allow for lean and agile operations.

Best Airport Equipment, Best Selection

In addition to aircraft power systems, JBT features a broad range of equipment for other aspects of:

JBT hardware is deployed all around the world, in every kind of climate. Ruggedly built, this equipment has no trouble keeping civilian and military airports going at steady clips. Everyone from ground crews to gate staff to management know they can count on their JBT machinery to work as expected every time. Now envision this same scenario — but at your airfield.

Aviation Logistics Aces

JBT does offer unbeatable defense equipment. However, we’re also a leading source of Airport Services. These services can unite your operations into a comprehensive, peak-performing system. Our expertise covers:

Service engagements draw on the strengths of consulting, technology, and accomplished technicians. JBT’s winning combo is what transforms isolated equipment, supplies, and personnel into a unified and high-functioning whole.

Your Ally in Defense Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE)

Airport operations are like coordinated field ops — they really can’t be done well if you’re all alone. You need skilled help engaging in the right ways at the correct times and places.

JBT is a partner that brings that expertise and experience you need to the table so you know your airfield will be properly equipped. In turn, this frees you to focus on critical tasks instead of airport operational challenges. Our goal is to establish an enduring and productive relationship with you. This enables us to serve you better now and far into the future. It also ensures you’ll be able to get even more value from JBT. If you have questions or need assistance, our talented specialists are available to help you.

Complete Solutions from JBT

With us on your side, you can stand-down the recon mission for an end-to-end defense AGE supplier. JBT has everything you need — all the equipment, support, and services — to operate efficiently and effectively. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can improve your aviation activities.


We’re here to help every step of the way.