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Flexible application and strict dependability make our Jetpower AGE products ideal for high-powered aircraft.

In a defense environment, you need dependable and high-quality equipment to get the job done right. But our collection of Jetpower aircraft ground equipment (AGE) products aren’t just the most dependable and efficient on the market, they exceed expectations by offering unparalleled adaptability. With needs and circumstances in a consistent state of rapid change, flexibility is essential to the entire operation. Our machines are designed to give you this flexibility without sacrificing power or precision.

Our selection of ground electrical power units and auxiliary equipment can be configured to work effectively with virtually any fighter, cargo, rotary, or specialty aircraft, meaning you don’t have to waste precious time or resources to achieve the functionality you require. Our ground units are also air-transportable, providing efficient power wherever you need it.

Oshkosh AeroTech Defense AGE

Oshkosh AeroTech has spent more than half a century developing a unique and full understanding of the AeroTech industry and our dedication and tenacity have catapulted us to become a trailblazer in the field of air machinery. But our contribution goes far beyond understanding. We have consistently developed technologies that are not only innovative, but highly functional in their practicality in real-life operation. Our extensive collection of AGE defense equipment is perfectly suited to highly dynamic defense environments. 

Features & Benefits

From fighter jets and specialty aircraft to cargo and rotorcraft, Oshkosh AeroTech’s state-of-the-art ground power units have what it takes to service your entire fleet. Designed with high-stakes defense applications in mind, our Jetpower AGE is available in a wide range of configurations, providing you with the flexibility and precision you need to get the job done. Our equipment is:

  • Air transportable so you always have the power you need, when and where you need it
  • Available with 28VDC, 270VDC, and 400 Hz outputs
  • Fully compliant with Mil-Std-70F and capable of servicing the most advanced 5th generation fighters, such as the F-35
  • Available as multipurpose defense application carts, supplying conditioned air, high-pressure ECS air, and electrical power in one diesel-powered unit
  • Equipped with a range of power options, from 45kVA to 312kVA
  • Built for dependability in extreme ambient conditions

The Full Range of Defense Ground Equipment

We offer a wide collection of adaptable ground units to be operated at any level. Towable carts, drivable carts, combination power units, stand-mounted units, and combination air and power carts can be configured to your specific needs, allowing you to meet your objectives efficiently and effectively. Our carts are capable of high-capacity functions, supplying superior performance with a broad range of power options. They can be used to service even the most modern and advanced 5th generation fighters while fully complying with MIL-STD-704F standards.

Our air defense is as strong as the individuals in the field, which is why they must meet the highest standards. We continue to work tirelessly to develop user-focused machinery that will get the job done right, every time. We know that when it comes to defense aircraft operations, you need equipment that is not only flexible, but able to perform effectively under a variety of high-stakes situations and harsh conditions. You need solutions that offer more than basic functionality and Oshkosh AeroTech’s family of AGE products delivers efficient, high-quality results in practical settings. With our innovative technology, you’ll get dependable performance even in the most extreme ambient conditions.


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