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Gate Equipment for Airports

Airports are hives of activity. At any given moment there are planes landing, taking off, or taxiing; cargo being transferred; personnel scurrying about; and passengers eager to be on their way. It takes a lot to keep things – like the flow of people and goods – moving smoothly.

Oshkosh AeroTech can help you in this endeavor. Our gate equipment is second to none in moving people, power, pre-conditioned air, and more at the gate. We can provide everything from passenger boarding bridges to ground power units.

Oshkosh AeroTech is known for its broad range of offerings. We’re also esteemed for the design and construction quality of our equipment. Customers like you are reaping the benefits of:

  • Comprehensive integration capability – OSK equipment is able to mechanically, electrically, and electronically mesh your gate equipment into a unified gate solution.
  • Robust bridge products – Our heavy-duty boarding bridges are built to be in service for at least 20 years. Key elements – like double ply canopy closures, sleeved rotunda bearings, continuously-welded tunnel seams, solid tires, and more – make this a reality.
  • Technological leadership – OSK gate equipment has advanced features that maximize operational efficiency. Automation, smart power management, and real-time diagnostics are just a few examples.
  • Design flexibility – Nothing’s better than having equipment that’s tailored to your application. OSK offers glass, steel, and cladded bridges and elevating rotundas and walks. With one-, two-, or three-bridge configurations, you’ll be able to serve regional aircraft up to double-decked jumbo jets.

We can offer you more than just gate equipment. Think of OSK as your convenient, one-stop shop for all your gate operations needs. In addition to excellent products, we can assist with logistics optimization and monitoring of equipment and operations, aircraft parking and gate layout design, project management, maintenance services, terminal and baggage system upkeep, training, and ongoing support.

How nice would it be to have everything you require integrated under a single roof? Chances are overwhelmingly good that Oshkosh AeroTech has all the pieces you need.

If you have any questions about these products – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

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