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JetAire® Central System Applications

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Product Category

Enhance the capacity and capabilities of your central chiller plant with conditioned air devices from Oshkosh AeroTech. JetAire central system products include air handling units, central plant boost systems, pits, and a variety of distribution devices such as hoses, cables and reels. Designed to work with your central, chilled water plants, JetAire central system conditioned air products will get the conditioned air to the aircraft at the gate or in the hangar.

Features & Benefits

  • Air handling units for gate applications – can be mounted on boarding bridges or stand mounted
  • Technology to boost chiller capacity by combining direct expansion with chilled water/glycol technologies
  • Systems for hangar or tarmac applications – pits, pop ups, hose management systems, etc.
  • Electric heat options for easy adjustment to varying temperatures during the day


  • Air handling units
  • Central system boosting units – combining vapor cycle technology with chilled water capacity
  • Distribution pits
  • Hose, cable, reels, pop-ups, etc.
  • Engineering and design expertise


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