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JetAire® Conditioned Air Carts

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Conditioned air right where you need it with JetAire mobile conditioned air carts. Whether gate parked or located at remote stands, aircraft need conditioned air. The JetAire family of conditioned air carts is available to supply conditioned air at the gate, on the tarmac or in the hangar. The units are available as stand-alone, mobile, diesel powered units or as all-electric trailer mounted carts run off locally supplied power. JetAire mobile units can also be combined with Jetpower 400 Hz equipment to provide a stand-alone, conditioned air and 400 Hz combination cart. Available in a wide range of capacities and with optional heat, JetAire conditioned air units are ideal for most locations.

Features & Benefits

  • Diesel or all-electric cart mounted units – tow them anywhere
  • Wide range of cooling and heating capacities available – most aircraft served in harsh climates
  • Easily towed about the tarmac or hangar
  • Full range of ancillaries such as hose and connectors
  • Available with heater options
  • Can be combined with Jetpower 400 Hz units for a combination air and power cart


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