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JetAire® Point-of-Use Conditioned Air

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Product Category

JetAire point-of-use pre-conditioned air units supply conditioned air right where you want it, right where it’s needed – close to the aircraft. Designed to be stand or boarding bridge mounted, the JetAire pcair units from JBT come in a wide range of capacities and are suitable for cooling aircraft in demanding climates. For optimal efficiency, flexibility, and minimum distribution losses, choose JetAire from JBT.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility – JetAire units can be mounted on boarding bridges or stands
  • Multiple sizes and capacity ranges to service regional jets up to jumbo aircraft even in demanding climates
  • Multi-stage control for efficient operations and minimal defrost events in even moderate climates
  • Heating available
  • PLC controls allow for equipment monitoring and diagnostics


  • Scroll compressors
  • Multi-stage / circuit designs
  • Diesel powered, cart mounted options
  • Electric powered, cart mounted options
  • Point-of-use, electric, boarding bridge mounted options


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