Jetpower® Central Systems

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Product Category

We manufacture a full range of Jetpower converter products specifically designed for central system 400 Hz power applications. Jetpower 312 kVA solid state power units provide clean, reliable 400 Hz power from 380VAC/480VAC 50-60Hz input power. Up to seven of the Jetpower 312 kVA units can be paralleled together for more than 2000 kVA of central system 400 Hz power. JBT also supplies Jetpower step down transformers (Gate Boxes), line drop compensators, pits, pop ups, cables, connectors and other ancillaries needed for hangar, tarmac and other centralized 400 Hz power systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Full range of central system power equipment – Inverters, Gate Boxes, Line Drop Compensators
  • We can provide pits and pop ups for in-ground services
  • Jetpower are solid-state, non-rotating power units – highly efficient, minimal no-load losses
  • Units can be paralleled for large central system applications


  • Solid state designs
  • Compliant with Mil Std 704
  • Clean, robust power
  • Maintenance free, no rotating parts
  • Line Drop Compensators
  • Gate Box, Step Down Transformers
  • Distribution panels


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