Jetpower® Point-of-Use

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Product Category

Jetpower point-of-use ground power units supply 400 Hz or 28VDC power where you want it, right where it’s needed – close to the aircraft. Designed to be stand or boarding bridge mounted, Jetpower units from Oshkosh AeroTech come in a range of capacities from 90 kVA up to 180 kVA and are capable of supplying 400 Hz AC or 28 VDC power for virtually all types of commercial aircraft. For optimal efficiency, flexibility, and minimal distribution losses, choose Jetpower point-of-use ground power from OSK.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility – Jetpower units can be mounted on boarding bridges or stands
  • Multiple capacity ranges and power types to service regional jets up to jumbo aircraft
  • Equipped with No Break Power Transfer for smooth connection to aircraft
  • Solid state design for robust, maintenance free operation
  • Compatible with all types of commercial aircraft


  • Compatible with 380VAC or 480VAC input power at 50 or 60 Hz
  • Size ranges from 90 kVA up to 180kVA for point-of-use applications
  • Sizes up to 312kVA for central system applications
  • Solid state, PWM design
  • Maintenance free


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