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AmpTek™ Load Sharing

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Airports are continuing to evolve environmentally responsible practices. Electric, battery powered eGSE is part of that evolution. eGSE needs charging infrastructure and that can be expensive and time-consuming to install. The new AmpTek load sharing technology from JBT helps to minimize the cost of infrastructure development by intelligently sharing the electric power already routed to the passenger boarding gate. AmpTek load shares gate power with eGSE battery chargers. eGSE gets the power it needs for battery charging, infrastructure costs are held to a minimum, and the power needed for gate equipment and the aircraft is protected.

Environmentally Responsible, Financially Sound

  • Use Power at the Gate: Tap into bridge, PCA, and GPU power already available at the gate
  • Minimize Infrastructure Costs: Make power available to battery chargers without costly infrastructure upgrades, excavations, and cable runs
  • Protect the Aircraft and Gate Equipment: Safely share power between gate equipment and battery chargers without risk to aircraft power demands
  • Manage Power Sharing: AmpTek intelligently monitors and shares available gate power between gate equipment and battery chargers

Keep eGSE Charged & Ready

  • Integrates with eGSE battery charging devices
  • Controls charger power consumption to protect gate and aircraft equipment
  • Provides feedback on charging status
  • Easily visible LED readouts showing status at a distance
  • Full-color digital display
  • Can be added to most existing chargers
  • Fault reporting


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