Commander® 15i E Electric Cargo Loader

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Highly configurable, maneuverable, all-electric, mid-size cargo loaders for airlines, airports, ground handlers & cargo companies

Robust, adaptable, and eco-friendly, the Oshkosh AeroTech Commander 15i E loader is up to your cargo transfer tasks. A newer addition to the Commander Loaders family – which has been working cargo wonders at global airports for upwards of 30 years – our Commander 15i E all-electric model has modern attributes you’ll appreciate.

These all-electric loaders are highly maneuverable and built for safe, heavy-duty operations to suit your particular facility and performance needs. With a 15,500 pound (7,050 kg) capacity, you can lift and convey sizeable loads safely and efficiently.  Our advanced systems provide for safe, smooth motion and maneuverability. The long-duration lithium-ion battery isn’t just a greener power source, it lets you get more work done.

You’ll find that Commander 15i E Electric Cargo Loaders are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and exceptionally reliable. Tack on their unparalleled resale potential, it’s plain to see these mid-sized loaders also excel at providing value. An excellent choice for those requiring unbeatable ground support equipment.

Commander Cargo Loaders, the Smart Choice

Oshkosh AeroTech’s line of Commander loaders occupies an enviable reputation and enduring leadership position in the GSE sector. This is justified for so many reasons. Commander loaders – like the Commander 15 loader – boast advantageous ownership costs, high resale worth, and other winning qualities such as:

  • Available in all-electric, diesel, or hybrid designs
  • Great diagnostics using on-board programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Dual-language controls / PLC options
  • JetDock automatic docking options
  • Advanced Aircraft Proximity Detection (APD) available
  • Operator assist sensors and indicators
  • Models to service B737 up to A380 commercial and cargo aircraft
Commander 15i Electric

Engineered for Better Cargo Ops

Anything that streamlines your ground support activities is a victory for your business. This notion is central to Oshkosh AeroTech’s process, which is why you’ll notice thoughtful, smart design choices in everything from the Commander 15’s power supply to its control panel.

We’ve engineered functionality to boost productivity, increase equipment service life, preserve value, and more. What does this mean exactly? It means that the Commander 15i E Electric Cargo Loaders cruising around your tarmac:

  • Leverage the latest construction techniques and materials
  • Are customizable and configurable to fit your needs
  • Require less training and time to deploy
  • Have greater longevity

The Easiest Cargo Loading Possible

The Oshkosh AeroTech Commander 15i E Electric Cargo Loaders are simple and straightforward to use and own. Here are some examples of this:

  • Medium size vehicle gets smaller jobs done more efficiently and can access tighter spaces
  • Variety of lift heights and conveyance arrangements match to your requirements
  • Well-positioned controls enable quick access and efficient operation
  • Self-docking cargo loaders take guesswork out of one of the trickiest steps in cargo transference (available on select models)
  • User-friendly, requiring little time for initial operator training
Commander 15i Electric Power Module

Reliable to the Core

You want to be able to jump in your loader and go. It has to start when you push the On button and get cargo consistently from point A to point B.

We see eye-to-eye on this. That was our motivation for incorporating durability into every aspect of your Commander 15i E Electric Cargo Loader. Your Oshkosh AeroTech loader is sturdily built by skilled craftspeople using the best materials and methods. This commitment to excellence you can count on translates into:

  • Less maintenance
  • Fewer operational issues
  • Greater productivity due to minimal usage interruptions
  • Available with the optional Oshkosh AeroTech iOPS equipment monitoring, status, and diagnostic capabilities (select models)

Features & Benefits

Your Oshkosh AeroTech Commander 15i E Electric Cargo Loader is a sleek package of features to help you get the job done as quickly, accurately, and securely as possible – time after time.

  • Uptime – Ability to service up to 10 wide-body aircraft on a single charge results in an extended duty cycle
  • Charging – On-shore and grid power options for convenient charging from 480VAC/60Hz or 380VAC/50Hz terminal power
  • Weatherized – Operable in extreme low temperatures (-40°C)
  • Customizable – Various lift heights and convey configurations available to meet your needs
  • Control – Hydrostatic drive and dynamic braking for safe, smooth driving
  • Safe – Optional Aircraft Proximity Detection (APD) sensors to protect the aircraft, loader, and personnel
  • Access – Swing-out power module provides complete access to engine, hydraulic system, and electrical box
  • Power – Lithium-ion or lead acid battery for extended operating time and range
  • Serviceable – Most servicing can be done while standing on the ramp
  • Clarity – PDM assisted diagnostics reduces time to troubleshoot and test systems
  • Rugged – Optional solid, maintenance-free tires eliminate flats
  • Durable – Robust, proven components minimizes maintenance and unscheduled downtime
  • Robust – Induction design motors with no brushes to wear and replace boost reliability
  • Assistive – Position and sensor monitors to help operator work safely and efficiently while providing additional protection to the aircraft
  • Convenience – JetDock automatic docking capability available on select models
  • Easy – All-electric designs with low-maintenance batteries for hassle-free ownership
  • Eco-Friendly – All-electric model with lithium battery power for emission-free operation
  • Support – Access to Oshkosh AeroTech’s global network of parts and technical staff

Have questions about these features or how they can benefit your operations? Connect with our team today.

Loads of Cargo Equipment to Choose From

With Oshkosh AeroTech, you aren’t forced to pick a suboptimal piece of equipment because it’s the only product on offer. We have many cargo loader models – like our Commander Cargo Loaders and our Ranger 15E Electric Cargo Loaders – to choose from. This works out well given that airport operations aren’t the same everywhere or every day.

Commander 30i E Electric Loader

This all-electric loader is both highly configurable and heavy-duty. Its 33,000 pound (15,000 kg) capacity enables you to move tons of cargo at once. Powered by an eco-friendly lithium-ion battery, this cargo loader can go a long time between charges.

Ranger 15E Electric Cargo Loader

Optimized for greater speed and maneuverability, this loader sports a smooth ride, small footprint, tight turning radius, and top speed (15mph / 24km/h) that’s twice that of other models. Not only is this all-electric loader nimble, it’s rugged – 15,500 pound (7,052 kg) capacity – and environmentally responsible.

Other available models include the Commander 40i Loader and Commander 60i Loaders for heavy lift capacity. Reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs. Oshkosh AeroTech has a cargo loader suited to your requirements.


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