Commander® 30i E Electric Cargo Loader

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Oshkosh AeroTech’s rugged, versatile, and environmentally-friendly Commander 30i E Loaders are powered up and ready to take on your cargo transfer activities. A more recent addition to the Commander Loader line – which has been dutifully and successfully serving customers around the world for over 30 years – our Commander 30i E all-electric model has contemporary elements you’ll appreciate.

As a highly-configurable, all-electric cargo loader, it’s convenient and easy to make your Commander 30i and 30i E perfectly suited to your facility and operations.

  • The 33,000 pound (15,000 kg) capacity means you can convey and lift a lot during each operation.
  • With Oshkosh AeroTech’s advanced control systems you’ll enjoy safe, smooth handling of the loader and the cargo.
  • The long-duration lithium-ion battery enables you to get more work done. Plus, it’s a greener power source.
  • Your Commander 30i E is adaptable so it can keep pace with your evolving needs, integrating with your changing fleet of vehicles.

You’ll find that Commander 30i E Electric Cargo Loaders are user- and owner-friendly and incredibly reliable. Add in the unequalled resale prospects, and Commander 30i loaders clearly deliver a lifetime of tremendous value. If you’re looking for incomparable ground support equipment, these are the obvious choice.

Commander Loaders, the Smart Move

Oshkosh AeroTech’s Commander loaders have earned their admirable reputation and long-standing leadership spot in the GSE industry. Commander cargo loaders – like the Commander 30i E Loader – are a stellar value, featuring advantageous ownership costs, enviable resale potential, and other winning characteristics like:

  • Available in all-electric or diesel designs
  • Highly optioned, heavy-duty capacity
  • Great diagnostics using on-board programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Dual-language controls / PLC options
  • JetDock automatic docking options
  • Advanced Aircraft Proximity Detection (APD) available
  • Operator assist sensors and indicators
  • Models to service B737 up to A380 commercial and cargo aircraft
JBT Commander 30i Electric

Designed for Better Cargo Operations

What if you could streamline your day-to-day ground support tasks? Of course you would – it’s good for your business. At Oshkosh AeroTech we ponder this notion constantly and bring our ideas from drawing board to market – to help you.

The result is thoughtful, smart design decisions that ratchet up productivity, extend equipment life, safeguard value, and more. Oshkosh AeroTech has engineered clever features into everything from the Commander 30i’s configurability to its intelligent power system to its accessible components. You’ll notice that the Commander 30i E Electric Cargo Loaders around your airfield:

  • Use the latest construction methods and materials
  • Are available with iOPS monitoring and diagnostic capabilities
  • Can be tailored to your needs
  • Require less training
  • Are quicker to deploy
  • Have greater longevity
  • Have JetDock operator assist automated docking options

Cargo Loading, Simplified

With the right equipment – enter your Oshkosh AeroTech Commander 30i – cargo logistics can be easy and predictable. Operating and owning Commander 30i E Electric Cargo Loaders is exceptionally intuitive and simple. To give you an idea of this, check out these highlights:

  • Large capacity makes for faster loading and fewer evolutions
  • Variety of lift heights and conveyance arrangements match to your requirements
  • Well-positioned controls enable quick access and efficient operation
  • High-speed capability helps you stay on-schedule and perform fast turnarounds
  • Self-docking cargo loaders take guesswork out of one of the trickiest steps in cargo transference  (Ask about our JetDock option.)
  • User-friendly, requiring little time for initial operator training
Commander 30i Electric Build

Airport Cargo Loaders You Can Count On

Your Oshkosh AeroTech Commander 30i E isn’t just well-designed, easy to use, and critical to streamlining your operations – it’s also dependable. Considering you probably don’t have “equipment downtime” slotted into your schedule, this is an absolute must.

It’s why we prioritize reliability and factor it into every aspect of your electric cargo loader. Your Oshkosh AeroTech loader is built to last by master craftspeople using the best materials and production techniques.

Our dedication to durability translates into:

  • Easier and less maintenance – especially the all-electric Commander 30i E
  • Fewer and less severe operational issues
  • Greater productivity due to minimal usage interruptions

Features & Benefits

Your Oshkosh AeroTech Commander 30i E Electric Cargo Loader is a bundle of must-have features. They’ll – consistently – make getting all your cargo tasks done quickly, accurately, and securely no big deal.

  • Capacity – 33,000 pounds (15,000 kg) lift capacity for faster, more efficient loading
  • Charging – On-board and on-shore power options for convenient charging from 480VAC/60Hz or 380VAC/50Hz terminal power
  • JetDock – Operator assist offers automated docking options
  • Customizable – Various load capacities, lift heights, and convey configurations available to meet your needs
  • Control – Hydrostatic drive and dynamic braking for safe, smooth driving
  • Safe – Optional Aircraft Proximity Detection (APD) sensors to protect the aircraft, loader, and personnel
  • Access – Swing-out power module provides complete access to engine, hydraulic system, and electrical box
  • Power – Lithium-ion battery for extended operating time and range and no emissions
  • Clarity – PDM assisted diagnostics reduces time to troubleshoot and test systems
  • Rugged – Solid, maintenance-free tire options eliminate flats
  • Durable – Robust, proven components minimize maintenance and unscheduled downtime
  • Easy – All-electric design with low-maintenance batteries for hassle-free ownership
  • Eco-Friendly – All-electric model with lithium battery power for emission-free operation
  • iOPS – Extensive diagnostics and monitoring options for streamlined operations and easier management
  • Support – Access to Oshkosh AeroTech’s global network of parts and technical staff

Have questions about these features or how they benefit your operations? Connect with our team today.

Even More Cargo Loaders

You’re no longer forced to get a lesser piece of equipment because it’s the only product available. With Oshkosh AeroTech, you have many cargo loader models – like our Commander Cargo Loaders and our Ranger 15i E Electric Cargo Loaders – to choose from. Given that no two airports have identical environments or operations, having so many options is crucial.

Commander 15i Electric - Blue

Commander® 15i E Electric Loader

Robust and customizable, this electric loader is up to your cargo transfer tasks. With a 15,500 pound (7,050 kg) capacity, it can convey and lift ample cargo. Its long-duration lithium-ion battery isn’t just environmentally-progressive, it lets you get more work done.


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