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High-speed, high-capacity cargo loaders for airlines, airports, ground handlers & cargo companies

Commander Loaders are the industry standard for upper deck and lower deck cargo loading. They’re available in a number of models, ranging from seven to over 30-tons (over 27,215 kg) of lift capacity, to meet every cargo need.

Commander Loaders were introduced more than 30 years ago. Since then, approximately 10,000 units have been sold worldwide. Commander Loaders are deployed with airlines and commercial air cargo fleets across the globe servicing all kinds of passenger and cargo aircraft.

Easy to operate, easy to maintain, highly reliable, and with unmatched resale potential, Commander Loaders excel at providing value. They’re the obvious choice for anyone requiring best-of-class ground support equipment.

Why Go with Commander Cargo Loaders

Commander Loaders have enjoyed an enviable reputation and consistent staying power in the GSE market. This is for good reason. On top of the advantageous costs of ownership and resale, here are a few other winning aspects to consider.

  • Available in diesel or all-electric designs
  • High-speed, high-maneuverability models available
  • Great diagnostics using on-board programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Dual-language controls / PLC options
  • JetDock automatic docking options
  • Advanced Aircraft Proximity Detection (APD) available
  • Models to service B737 up to A380 commercial and cargo aircraft
JBT Commander™ Cargo Loaders c15-30-60 at airport

Smart Engineering for Better Cargo Operations

Anything that streamlines ground support activities would be a boon for your business. JBT carries this notion to the drawing board to thoughtfully and intelligently design everything from pallet transports to ULD carriers to electric loaders.

With this in mind, we’ve engineered in functionality to boost productivity, increase equipment longevity, preserve value, and more. The result – the Commander Loaders on your tarmac are:

  • Constructed leveraging the latest processes and materials
  • Compatible with other GSE
  • Customizable and configurable to your needs
  • Require less time to get up and running
  • Stay in service longer

Cargo Loading Made Easy

Commander Loaders tick all the boxes when it comes to ease of use. Not only can they accommodate heavy loads, you’ll find that they’re simple to operate and maintain.

  • Well-positioned controls allow quick access and enable efficient operation
  • High-speed loaders keep pace with busy airport operations, helping you stick to tight schedules and fast turnarounds
  • Self-docking cargo loaders take guesswork out of one of the trickiest steps in cargo transference
  • User-friendly, requiring little time for initial operator training
Commander 15i Loader

Built-In Reliability

You don’t have room in your schedule for downtime. We completely get that, and agree wholeheartedly.

That’s why we’ve created the Commander Loader to be as durable as possible. It’s solidly constructed by master craftspeople using the highest-quality materials and methods. Because of this rigor, you’ll experience:

  • Easier and minimal regular maintenance
  • Smoother operations with fewer, less frequent, and less severe issues
  • Greater productivity due to fewer and shorter usage interruptions

Features & Benefits

Your JBT loader has a full complement of features to help you get the job done as quickly, accurately, and securely as possible – time after time.

  • Control – Helliroll conveyance system facilitates precise cargo handling
  • Agility – Powered operator’s cab enables simultaneous operation of loader and aircraft controls
  • Rugged – Solid rubber driver tires and bogy wheels eliminate flat tires
  • Access – Swing-out power module provides complete access to engine, hydraulic system, and electrical box
  • Clarity – PLC controls with onboard diagnostics reduces time to troubleshoot and test systems

If you have any questions about these features – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

Options & Models

JBT is proud to offer additional cargo loader models. After all, airport operations aren’t a one-size-fits-all affair.

Commander® 15i E Electric Loader

Commander 15i Electric - Blue

Robust and customizable, this electric loader is up to your cargo transfer tasks. With a 15,000 pound (7,000 kg) capacity, it can convey and lift ample cargo. Its long-duration lithium-ion battery isn’t just environmentally-conscientious, it lets you get more work done.

Commander® 30i E Electric Loader

JBT Commander 30i Electric Cargo Loader

This all-electric cargo loader is heavy-duty and highly configurable. Its 33,000 pound (15,000 kg) capacity means you can move plenty of cargo. Powered by an eco-friendly lithium-ion battery, this loader can run for a long time between charges.

Other available models include the Commander 40i Loader, Commander 60i Loader, and Commander Electric. Reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs. JBT has a cargo loader suited to your requirements.


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