Falcon Aircraft Cargo Loader

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Smaller Cargo Loaders for a Changing Air Freight Industry

With Covid-19 changing the world of air-cargo, JBT engineers have developed the Falcon aircraft cargo loader newly designed to service smaller cargo aircraft such as the Cessna, ATR, and CRJ models.  With a lift capacity of 2267kg (5,000lbs), platform lift heights compatible with feeder cargo aircraft, and truck transfer flexibility, the Falcon loader combines the ease of operation, ease of maintenance, and high reliability of JBT’s conventionally sized cargo loaders with the size and maneuverability needed for emerging feeder cargo aircraft operations. 

Big Things from a Small Package

Easy to Operate

  • Cargo Loaders Sized for Smaller, Feeder Cargo Aircraft 
  • Transfer containerized cargo from Cessna, ATR, and CRJ aircraft
  • Truck-transfer flexibility
  • Cargo deck height optimized for feeder cargo aircraft
  • Lift capacity of 2267kg (5,000lbs)
  • Highly maneuverable and sized for tight operations

Easy to Maintain

  • Controls & Operations Similar to Commander Cargo Loaders
  • Familiar controls layout and operational functions
  • On-board diagnostics with intuitive LCD display
  • Quick and easy side-mounted maintenance access to key components

Great Reliability

  • Top-of-the-Line Components
  • Highest quality components
  • Supported by JBT’s worldwide customer care network


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