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Conventional Aircraft Tow Tractors

Powerful, versatile, rugged. These are probably on your list of must-haves for your pushback tractors. Anything less simply won’t cut it. You’re in a great position, though, because JBT offers a variety of conventional and towbarless tractors that are all those things and more. Our aircraft tow vehicles are easy to own and use, world-class in reliability.

JBT produces tractors that can serve an astounding range of aircraft – everything from a B737/A320 up to an A380. Take a look at our product lineup and you’re sure to find a solution that suits your needs.

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All-electric Models Available

JBT is expanding its line of conventional tow tractors. We manufacture the B-series of diesel-powered tractors and are expanding that product family to include all-electric versions.  If you are needing a heavy-duty, all-electric conventional pushback tractor, give your JBT representative a call. We have the flexibility you need.


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If you have questions about these products – or how they benefit your operations – let us know.

JBT Knows Conventional Tractors

JBT enjoys a well-earned reputation in the ground support equipment (GSE) sector, in big part due to our superb push and tow products. With advantageous ownership costs and great resale value – our tractors are industry leaders.

Intelligent Engineering Yields Better Aircraft Positioning

From idea to implementation, JBT purposefully designs tow tractors with your needs in mind. This comes through in every facet of your aircraft tow tractors. They are:

  • Made using the best processes and materials
  • Adaptable to meet your specifications
  • Quicker and easier to deploy
  • Have a longer service life
  • Available in Diesel or All-electric models

Plus, you’ll love that – across the JBT family of tow tractors – we’ve smartly included things like:

  • Common, user-friendly, ergonomic cab controls
  • Centralized hydraulic systems using an efficient load-sensing piston pump
  • Plastic fuel tanks with easy-accessible rear fuel tank fillers
  • Common warning and indicator lights
  • Smooth ride with advanced front suspension
  • Options for defrosters, USB charging ports, and rear-view cameras

The payoff is in streamlined operations, happy customers, and profitable aircraft turns.

Aircraft Positioning Made Easier

Check out how we’ve made sure that JBT pushback tractors are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and have superb reliability:

Easy to Operate

  • Drives like a car and has automotive controls layout
  • Column-mounted shifter and turn signals
  • Automatic transmission with downshift inhibitor to prevent uncontrolled, unanticipated downshifting and slowing
  • Tight turning radius with options for 4-wheel and crab steering
  • Foot actuated parking brake and pull-handle release
  • Park-brake interlock that prevents driving the tractor while the park-brake is engaged
  • Comfortable cab with great visibility, adjustable seats, and optional heating/cooling
  • Notchback designs to enhance operator visibility of the tow hitch area

Easy to Maintain

  • Designed to facilitate regular preventive maintenance, which extends product life
  • Key components and service points are accessible from ground level through easy-open side panels
  • Most maintenance doesn’t require climbing up on the vehicle
  • Powerful internal, self-diagnostics – like LEDs on the terminals and advanced error code indicators – inform operators and maintenance crew on tractor status and performance
  • Minimal maintenance with Lithium-ion, service free, batteries on the all-electric models

Built-In Reliability

Unscheduled downtime is inconvenient at best and potentially catastrophic at worst.

JBT doesn’t want this to happen. Accordingly, our pushback tractors are made to be durable. They’re heavy-duty vehicles that stand up to the tests of daily use. Here are a couple of examples:

  • We’ve edged the lower perimeter of the tractor with a protective steel plate to minimize damage from minor contact on the ramp.
  • Our aircraft tow tractors sport first-rate engines, transmissions, and axles for service longevity and rigorous operations.

Our commitment to dependable equipment is your gain because:

  • Upkeep is simpler, less frequent, and less expensive.
  • You’ll experience smoother operations with fewer issues.
  • Fewer usage interruptions yield greater productivity. 

Your JBT equipment features functionality to help you consistently get work done quickly, accurately, and safely.

What Makes JBT the Best Aviation Support Supplier

There’s no reason to make your job harder than it ought to be. Teaming up with JBT could make it easier and result in better outcomes.

So that you can tackle the diverse demands of running an aero business, JBT’s products, services, and support run the gamut – from passenger boarding stairs to deicers to maintenance scaffolding to software. We’ve got the solutions you require for seamless, high-functioning airport operations.

Unparalleled Portfolio of AeroTech Equipment

You’d be hard-pressed to get everything done with only conventional tow bar tractors on your tarmac. Fortunately, JBT brings a broad suite of products and decades of experience to help you:

  • Move cargo
  • Position aircraft
  • Deice planes
  • Provide pre-conditioned air, 400 Hz ground power, and boarding bridges 
  • Conduct baggage system operations, maintenance, and design
  • Maintain terminals and extended facilities
  • Save aircraft fuel, reduce carbon emissions, and go green
  • Expand asset management capabilities, equipment monitoring and operations telematics

We offer a world of:

Airport managers, cargo handlers, and support personnel around the globe know they can count on JBT hardware. That’s why these decision-makers and doers choose us time and again. Now it’s your turn to recognize the benefits of our exceptional equipment.

Airport Services Beyond Compare

As a leader in Airport Services, JBT is able to offer you so much more than just our excellent equipment. We’re highly sought-after for:

Our approach leverages the best consulting, technology, technicians, and more to help create a unified system from otherwise siloed supplies and equipment, operations, and personnel. It’s how companies like yours achieve peak performance.

Your Partner in Aviation Support

At times, airport operations can seem chaotic or overwhelming. However, there’s no need to fly solo when you address your daily trials. JBT’s here for you.

We aim to build a long-term collaboration. It eases every aspect of rigging out your business with proper solutions and ensures that you get the most benefit from JBT. As such, we have experts on hand to assist you anytime.

All the Solutions You Need in One Place

JBT has your end-to-end AeroTech needs covered. We’ve got all the products, services, and support you require and are ready to help you. Reach out today to see how we can take your airport operations to the next level.


We’re here to help every step of the way.