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The B950, Oshkosh AeroTech’s newest conventional tractor with a GVW of 31500kg (70k lbs.) up to 45300kg (100k lbs.) for moving large RJs up to A350/B777/B787 aircraft. Pushing ramp operations to new levels.

Great Reliability

  • ‘Ring of steel’ full-body protection against ramp mishaps
  • Reliable drive-line components
  • Informative gauge panel with the indicators, alarms, and messages to keep your unit running

Easy to Operate

  • Drives like a car – automatic transmission, downshift inhibitor, park brake interlock
  • Superior traction with 4-wheel drive
  • Smooth ride with axle-leaf spring suspension
  • Maneuverable with tight turn radius – 4-wheel, crab, conventional steering options
  • Crew comfort with 3-person cab, mounted on isolators for easy ride and optional AC
  • Safer driving with a standard reverse camera
  • Great visibility with optional elevating cab

Easy to Maintain

  • Quick repair and service with ground-level access for maintenance, hydraulics and electrics
  • Easy diagnostics with informative LCD and advanced error code depictions
  • Hydraulic jacking system optional
  • Excellent engine access with room to work


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