LEKTRO 83 Tow Tractor

AP8360 Kingair 200 LEKTRO 83 Series.jpg

Product Category

LEKTRO 83 tow tractors are designed to tow aircraft with a MTOW up to 6,804 kg (15,000 lbs), making them ideal for towing most piston engine aircraft and single engine turbo props.  Aircraft nose wheels are secured with the universal nose gear lift cradle and soft nylon strap, which eliminates tow bars and is far less complex than hard capture systems common on most towbarless tractors.  All electric power with a very short tight turning radius makes the LEKTRO 83 the ideal tow tractor for tight hangar aircraft positioning and moving aircraft in and out of your hangar.

Features & Benefits

  • Electric power, low maintenance, zero emissions
  • Minimizes stress to nose landing gear with universal nose gear lift cradle and soft nylon strap
  • Tight turning radius maximizes aircraft hangar utilization
  • Single person operation minimizes manpower and training costs


  • One person stand up operation – Minimal training and maintenance costs
  • Onboard diagnostics – Fault codes, battery charge, etc.
  • External vehicle charger

Options & Models

  • Ground Power Unit (GPU 28 VDC) option
  • Hold down for light nosed aircraft option
  • Wheel fairing package option


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