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JetDock® Automated Bridge Docking

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Improved Aircraft Turns, Reduced Damage, Better Customer Experience

JetDock is the automated boarding bridge docking system from AeroTech.  With the touch of a button, your Jetway® passenger boarding bridge will locate the aircraft passenger door, properly align itself, and dock to the parked aircraft.  Fast, precise, and safe without the need for decals or other indicators on the aircraft fuselage.


Faster – One step, touch-of-a-button efficient automated boarding bridge docking.

Efficient with Improved Precision – Perfectly positioned boarding bridges, during every aircraft turn.  Improved efficiency, reduced mis-parks, faster boarding and deplaning.

No Decals on Fuselage – JetDock requires no decals or markings on the aircraft for automatic docking.

Ideal for Multi-Use Gates – The Jetway boarding bridge with JetDock can dock to virtually any type of aircraft with no worry about targets or decals.  Effective bridge dockings can be made with minimal training.

Compatibility – JetDock can be retrofitted to many older Jetway boarding bridges.

Better Customer Experience – Shorter aircraft turns, less waiting on aircraft and in the terminal.  A better passenger experience for the traveling public.

With JetDock Automated Bridge Docking the Aircraft Turn is Improved


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