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iOPS® – Airport Operations & Equipment Monitoring Technology

Airport Gate & GSE Telematics Management System – Make a Difference with iOPS

Manage and monitor airport operations, gate equipment operations, and mobile ground support equipment with iOPS — the comprehensive airport management technology from Oshkosh AeroTech.  iOPS brings real-time actionable information from your airport and ramp equipment to your computer or mobile device for on-site or remote ramp and gate operations management.


Helping aviation maximize operational efficiencies for their gate and mobile equipment

Gate Equipment – Remote Diagnostic Capability

  • Real-time status, use, and diagnostic information for your Gate Equipment
  • Telematics on use and aircraft turn metrics
  • Diagnostic details down to the component level of your airport gate equipment
  • Gate availability information
  • Enhance the customer experience
JBT glass Jetway passenger boarding bridge with Jetpower unit at terminal gate
Screenshot of JBT iOPS gate management technology for aviation operations

Mobile Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Monitoring

  • Real-time data and performance information on your mobile ground support equipment 
  • Critical metrics on fuel, engine temp, drive speed, collisions, etc.
  • Diagnostic information for repair and simplified maintenance
  • Geo-location and Geo-fencing capabilities
  • Enhanced GSE operations security with Operator Access Control
Ground equipment loading cargo onto airplane
JBT iOPS Fleet Location

Mobile Device Remote Diagnostic & Management Capability

  • Gate and GSE Telematics available on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs
  • Access information on your gate management operations from anywhere
  • Customized reports, histories, and screens to suit your needs
  • Comprehensive airport ground operations data at your fingertips
Mobile version of JBT iOPS system for gate management at airports
Location information available through JTB iOPS for aviation gate and mobile equipment status


  • Social Distancing / Getting More Done with Your Team: Maximize the efficiency of your operations and personnel with enhanced diagnostic tools from iOPS systems.  Technicians can diagnose faults and anticipate repairs remotely, on their laptops and mobile devices.  This is done before they ever travel to the site, resulting in fewer trips across the tarmac, fewer nuisance calls, and faster repairs.  Because iOPS systems can monitor key components in airport / ramp equipment, technicians have clarity of what the problem is likely to be, the tools needed, the manpower needed, and the parts needed.  All this can be brought together before traveling to the equipment.  Employees make fewer trips, faster trips, and excessive interpersonal interaction is reduced.
  • Effective Training / Reduced Nuisance Calls: With iOPS monitoring, training needs can be more easily identified.  Daily operations can be monitored and measured and even captured on video.  Training needs are identified.  Skilled workers can oversee a larger fleet of equipment and remotely assist others with maintenance and repairs.  Access control limits operators to working only the equipment for which they have authorization.  Results:  Fewer nuisance calls from operator induced faults, improved operations, controlled access, and technical expertise applied more broadly across the airport.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Reduce APU burn time with fully functioning GSE and Gate equipment.  Minimize aircraft turn times at the gates by knowing the status and availability of your equipment.  This saves times, saves fuel, improves the operations for your employees, and maximizes the customer experience.

Contact us today to find out more about iOPS® – the airport operations and equipment monitoring telematics technology from Oshkosh AeroTech.  Enhance your airport operations with iOPS.

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