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Facilities: Airport Monitoring, Operations & Maintenance

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From the terminal to the tarmac — and everywhere in between — airports are complex and bustling ecosystems. It’s a lot to handle on your own.

But, with Airport Services from JBT, you don’t have to. Why struggle when you can leverage our experience and know-how to keep everything functioning efficiently?

We offer a broad range of services and support options to make operating, maintaining, and monitoring your airport facilities as streamlined, straightforward, and stress-free as possible. From gate equipment, check-in counters, and concourse areas to HVAC systems, chiller plants, and sortation rooms — JBT Airport Services is ready and more than able to serve you.

JBT, Synonymous with Stellar Airport Operations

Our Airport Services include a full line of comprehensive maintenance, monitoring, and operational offerings to keep your airport running at peak performance. This is critical if you want to optimize operations, tenant satisfaction, and customer contentment.

JBT technical support and maintenance services are available 24/7/365. Our team is incredibly capable, its deep knowledge amassed over many years of supporting terminal facilities, gate equipment, baggage systems, service buildings, check-in counters, and more. It’s likely that any challenge you face — JBT’s dealt with it before.

So, why go all-in on an Airport Services engagement with JBT? Valid question. Simply put, you’ll experience improvements in:

  • Cost savings
  • Safety
  • Streamlined and agile operations
  • Faster turnaround times and throughput at bottleneck points (e.g., check-in, security, boarding, refueling, baggage handling)
  • Technical expertise on the job
  • Efficient personnel allocations

Turnkey Provider — Maintenance, Operations, Management & More

We do more than just keep the lights on. JBT’s well-versed on how to run critical infrastructure and processes. We’re also pros at managing the people and programs of complex projects and systems.

Here are some JBT areas of expertise:

  • Baggage handling systems (BHS)
  • Cargo facilities
  • CCTV, paging, and access control systems
  • Central HVAC systems
  • Check-in and bag claim areas
  • Communication systems
  • Computer Monitoring Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Customs and screening areas
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Enterprise asset management (EAM)
  • Executive offices
  • Fire safety devices
  • Garages
  • Gate equipment and boarding bridges
  • Gate operations
  • General contracting
  • Hangars
  • Maintenance buildings
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural (MEPS)
  • Parts management
  • Preventive maintenance and diagnostics
  • Program and construction management
  • Remote facilities
  • Reservation centers
  • Sortation centers
  • Structural repair
  • Terminal facilities
  • Turnkey program management and staffing

JBT is a turnkey provider. Just imagine the huge load we could take off of your shoulders….

Features & Benefits

Working with JBT is all “pros.” Our Airport Services offer numerous features we know you’ll love and come to rely on. Having a habitually efficient, effective, and secure facility is your reward for saying “Yes” to JBT and all we bring to the table.

  • Multi-Disciplinary — Leadership and knowledge in many vital areas of airport operations and maintenance for all-in-one service and support provider
  • Turnkey — Minimal time and effort needed to implement engagement with JBT
  • Experienced — A broad and deep skill set to benefit your business
  • Vertical — OEM know-how and backing simplify your supply chain
  • iOPS — Advanced telematics, monitoring, and diagnostics provide actionable, real-time data for optimal asset, operations, and personnel management
  • Service-Level — Access to JBT’s global network of parts and technical staff around the clock and all year

Contact us today with questions about how these features can benefit your airbase.

More Than Airport Operations Management Systems at JBT

By working with JBT, you can rest assured that all your AeroTech needs are covered. We’ve got the products, services, and support required to handle every task at hand.

On top of facilities monitoring, operations, and maintenance, JBT is also known for our:

The JBT total package includes a high-performing mix of consulting, technology, skilled technicians, and more. In our — and many of our customers’ — experience, this is the best way to achieve optimal outcomes for your business. Unsurprisingly, combining these elements with otherwise disparate operations, machinery, and people helps create a single, well-functioning whole.

JBT, Making Aviation Easier

While quality products and services are key, they probably aren’t the complete solution you need. We’ve learned that it’s essential to have a team of great people who will take your business to the next level.

A Winning Way of Doing Business

In our view, building a long-term, collaborative relationship ensures you get the most value for your time and money. This approach enables us to acquire a profound understanding of your business and its needs. In turn, JBT can serve you better both today and tomorrow.

Expertise Within Reach

JBT entered the aviation support industry in the 1950s. As you can presume, we’ve racked up an enviable amount of knowledge and experience in the intervening years. That makes JBT an incomparable asset — for you.

We encourage you to take advantage of our expertise because running an airport business is hard and JBT can make it less difficult. We have a solid grasp of the infrastructure, systems, and personnel demands and can help you successfully navigate the challenges you face.

Call us today — it’s the first step in elevating your airport operations.


We’re here to help every step of the way.