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iOPS® Airport Operations & Equipment Monitoring Technology

Airports are large. Aviation is fast. Thousands of moving parts and busy people. Keeping track of it all is essential for peak efficiency and elevated customer satisfaction.

JBT knows that stellar gate and ground support equipment are only part of the equation. Intelligent software – like iOPS – is another big component. iOPS – innovative equipment and operations monitoring, tracking, and diagnostic software for gate and ground support equipment – is another major piece of the algorithm.

iOPS lets you be in the know and in control at all times. This powerful management system gives you insightful, actionable, real-time information that enables you to oversee all the shifting elements of your operation. It’s available for your gate equipment as well as your mobile GSE. Conveniently, JBT’s iOPS makes this data available at your fingertips – on your laptop or mobile device – so you can engage anytime, from anywhere.

Making the Right Difference with iOPS

iOPS brings all your equipment and other resources – like personnel and supplies – under the same umbrella. It connects them to processes and service offerings. En masse, they can create one fine-tuned, high-functioning, overarching operations support apparatus.

Managing Gate Equipment for Optimal Outcomes

Keeping customers happy at the gate and on the aircraft is paramount. To do that, smooth operations and functional equipment are essential. iOPS is a vital part of that formula for success.

At the gate, and on the boarding bridges, pre-conditioned air units, and ground power systems, iOPS helps you enhance your customers’ experience via:

  • Real-time status, use, and diagnostic information for your gate equipment
  • Telematics on use and aircraft turn metrics
  • Diagnostic details (down to the component level!) of your airport gate equipment
  • Remote access to information on your gate management operations
  • Gate availability information
  • Faster repair times for equipment through deep diagnostics 
  • Improved operator performance through activity monitoring

Passenger flow on and off the aircraft is improved, wait times are reduced, and customer satisfaction is enhanced.

Monitoring Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in the Field

It’s never been so easy to oversee your GSE fleet. Even with cargo loaders, tractors, and deicers spread out from one end of your airport to the other – you’ll be able to follow them, keep them secure, check their vital statistics, and monitor use.

iOPS provides:

  • Real-time systems and performance information on your deployed GSE
  • Critical metrics on fuel, engine temperature, drive speed, collisions, etc.
  • Diagnostic information for faster repair and timely maintenance
  • Geo-location and geo-fencing capabilities
  • Enhanced GSE operations security with Operator Access Control

Minding Ground Operations – Your Way

With iOPS, you can keep tabs on all the goings-on of your airport operations in ways that work for you. No longer do you have to adjust your work processes and style to the constraints of your facility, equipment, or systems.

JBT’s iOPS lets you:

  • Get gate and GSE telematics on your mobile phone, tablet, and PC
  • Customize reports, histories, and screens to suit your needs
  • Access comprehensive airport ground operations data at your fingertips
  • Remotely manage assets and operations as needed
Ground support operator monitoring airport operations using JBT iOPS technology on computer monitors

Features & Benefits

iOPS is loaded with features to help you dominate daily airport logistical tasks. Here’s what you can expect with iOPS in place:

  • Achieving more with your team – Enhanced diagnostic tools help you to maximize the efficiency of your operations and personnel. Technicians can troubleshoot problems and plan repairs remotely. Technicians have clarity of what the problem is likely to be, the tools needed, the manpower needed, and the parts needed before getting to the job site. All this means fewer trips across the tarmac, fewer service calls, and faster resolution.
  • Optimizing training – Daily operations can be monitored and measured, so it’s easier to identify training needs. Skilled workers can tend to a larger fleet of equipment and remotely assist others with maintenance and repairs. Plus, access controls limit operators to only using equipment for which they have authorization.
  • Reducing nuisance calls – Improved operations, controlled access, and technical expertise applied more broadly across the airport means fewer issues and complaints due to operator errors and equipment failures.
  • Being more environmentally responsible – Fully functioning GSE and gate equipment run better, which reduces waste. It does this by minimizing aircraft turn times at the gates, efficiently utilizing machinery, modulating power, and so on. This saves fuel and other material resources.
  • Improved consumer experience – When equipment and operations are in fine form, you’re able to serve your customers better. They’ll enjoy more pleasant environments, fewer delays, etc.

Want to know more? Contact us today with your questions about iOPS features or how they benefit your operations.

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Accomplishing More with the Right Equipment

JBT proudly offers a complete selection of equipment. We’re particularly well-known for:

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Yes, JBT’s equipment is good enough to stand on its own reputation. But, we’re not ones to hold back if we know we can be of even greater service to you.

In addition to operations and equipment monitoring, JBT’s also a leader in Airport Services, for:

We leverage a blend of consulting, technology, master technicians and more to generate peak results. Often it’s these elements that unite distinct operations, machinery, and workers together into a cohesive and effective system.

JBT, Your AeroTech Partner

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An Evolved, Personal Approach

JBT likes to come at customer engagements a bit differently. We take the time and make the effort to build a lasting and productive relationship with you.

When we’re able to get to know your business, we can serve you better. This enables us to provide more thoughtful and holistic solutions over the duration of our alliance. It lets us show you the attention and respect you deserve.

We look forward to being part of your long-term, overall, and integrated enterprise solutions.

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JBT entered the aviation support industry in the middle of the last century. In the years since, you could say we’ve amassed more than a fair share of knowledge and experience. As a result, our team is an outstanding asset – for you. Take advantage of this!

Running an airport, airline, or related business is not an exact science – it also takes a lot of finesse. JBT understands the demands on the infrastructure, systems, and personnel. We’re here to provide that extra level of support so:

  • You don’t have to face the challenges solo
  • You get the absolute most value from JBT

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