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Defense Aviation Ground Equipment (AGE)

Mobility, dependability, and purpose-built solutions are key advantages for defense operations. In fact, the outcome of a mission might just hinge on having the right defense aviation ground equipment (AGE). While it’s often working inconspicuously in the background, AGE makes an impactful difference. It is critical to mission success.

Oshkosh AeroTech has the mission-critical equipment you need to support both stationary and mobile defense actions. We offer air and power products for cargo, fighter, helicopter, and specialty aircraft for use on the tarmac, in the hangar, or forward deployed. Our machinery is unparalleled at important tasks like:

  • Transporting and loading cargo
  • Moving and deicing aircraft
  • Aircraft preparation and maintenance

We invite you to explore our innovative solutions. You’ll quickly see that Oshkosh AeroTechsupplies many types of defense aviation ground equipment for numerous applications. For defense AGE, think Oshkosh AeroTech.

If you have any questions about these products – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

More Than Just Defense Airport Equipment

While Oshkosh AeroTech’s stellar defense AGE will certainly tick all the boxes, our expertise extends far beyond the government defense perimeter. Our product portfolio also includes:

OSK’s machinery is in use at airports and defense installations around the globe. It’s consistently proven – in a staggering array of climates and terrains – that it can handle doing what you need to get done.

This is why high-level decision-makers and boots-on-the-ground operators alike trust Oshkosh AeroTech. We’re ready to outfit your air operations with our unbeatable solutions as well.

Five-Star Airport Services

Rugged equipment that can stand up to the extreme demands of defense usage is only part of the equation. To optimally and reliably run your operations, Oshkosh AeroTech also offers wide-ranging Airport Services:

 Contact us today to see how our expansive offerings can fortify a breadth of defense field and base operations.