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Defense Aviation Ground Equipment (AGE)

Mobility, dependability, and purpose-built solutions are key advantages for defense operations. In fact, the outcome of a mission might just hinge on having the right defense aviation ground equipment (AGE). While it’s often working inconspicuously in the background, AGE makes an impactful difference. It is critical to mission success.

JBT has the mission-critical equipment you need to support both stationary and mobile defense actions. We offer air and power products for cargo, fighter, helicopter, and specialty aircraft for use on the tarmac, in the hangar, or forward deployed. Our machinery is unparalleled at important tasks like:

  • Transporting and loading cargo
  • Moving and deicing aircraft
  • Aircraft preparation and maintenance

We invite you to explore our innovative solutions. You’ll quickly see that JBT supplies many types of defense aviation ground equipment for numerous applications. For defense AGE, think JBT.

If you have any questions about these products – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

JBT Defense AGE – For Mission Success

JBT has supplied defense aviation ground equipment (AGE) around the world for over 50 years. Continuing that proud tradition, JBT Defense continues to expand our offerings to provide robust, cutting-edge AGE – designed to meet the latest challenges in defense practice and aviation developments.

Consider all the ways JBT can help your mission be an overwhelming success:

At the Cargo Depot

Logistics is key to successful defense activities – and sometimes cargo is the mission. Nothing optimizes cargo handling like equipment from JBT. Take a look at some of our key cargo equipment:

  • Halvorsen and Atlas loaders – These cargo loaders are durable and capable of a variety of cargo transfer activities at all kinds of bases. They’re air-transportable and can convey three to five pallets. Designed to accommodate aircraft with cargo ramp or main deck access, the Atlas and Halvorsen loaders can service nearly all defense and commercial cargo aircraft.
  • Air-portable cargo handling docks – Despite their relatively light weight, which is ideal for air transport, these ACHD are robust. They fit on a standard 108” X 88” defense pallet and can support a payload of up to 13,500 lbs (6,136 kg).
  • Cargo transfer transport trailers – JBT’s highly-maneuverable, air-transportable CTTTs are equipped with jacks allowing them to adjust from the C130 up to the C-17 load deck heights. They can transport up to 13,600 kg (30,000 lbs) and are available with a diesel-powered hydraulic option.

On the Ramp

JBT has an enviable selection of AGE designed to position, tow, cool, heat, and power aircraft on the ramp. Here are just a few airplane-prep products:

  • Aircraft tow tractors – Our heavy-duty tugs are capable of moving the smallest fighter aircraft up to the largest cargo planes in your fleet. We even feature an all-electric, soft-strap capture tow vehicle – the LEKTRO – that has exceptional maneuverability for precision parking activities in ramp and hangar spaces.
  • JetAire and Jetpower – This family of products provides conditioned (cooled or heated) air, high pressure air, and electrical power in 400 Hz, 270 VDC, and 28 VDC configurations. JBT also supplies high pressure bleed air capability and carts.
  • Boarding stairs and maintenance platforms – Supporting aircraft and ramp operations also means getting crews and service personnel into and around the aircraft, quickly and safely. JBT supplies a range of passenger loading steps and hangar-based maintenance staging to handle those needs.
  • Tempest deicers – Washing and deicing aircraft is another essential aspect of ramp operations. JBT’s Tempest deicers are used both to deice aircraft and wash them down. With their low-profile, purpose-built design they are sturdy, reliable, and easy to use and maintain.

In the Hangar

JBT Defense supports critical operations in the hangar with air and power machinery. We supply:

  • Central system conditioned air units – Our air conditioning units and distribution networks supply high- and low- pressure air, heated and cooled, for fighter and cargo aircraft.
  • Power systems and Flight Line Electrical Distribution Systems (FLEDS) – Power systems from JBT provide 270 VDC, 400 Hz, and 28 VDC aircraft-compatible electrical power.
  • Pits and in-floor, pop-up service points – Maintenance and repair activities are made easier using JBT’s in-floor conditioned air and power systems.
  • Maintenance staging platforms can be custom designed for your fleet and operations requirements. Accessing and maintaining defense aircraft has never been easier.

Where Space is Tight

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to space and weight on the ramp, in a hangar, or aboard an aircraft. With this in mind, JBT created the AgileAir combination bleed air, conditioned air, and electrical power cart. Not only does one AgileAir cart replace two early-model service carts, it provides the air and power with:

  • Hugely improved fuel savings
  • Lower maintenance
  • Quieter operations
  • Easier transportability

JBT’s AgileAir is a real aid to the improved mobility of your AGE assets.

At Sea

JBT defense AGE also supports naval operations. The JBT shipboard mobile electrical power plant (SMEPP) provides naval air operations with a self-propelled source of 270 VDC, 400 Hz, and 28 VDC electrical power. Additionally, JBT supplies air conditioning units for navy aircraft.

Whatever the objective, JBT stands ready to ensure your goals are met. Our extensive portfolio of defense products helps you:

  • Move your cargo
  • Establish mobile-forward operations
  • Keep ramp activities moving efficiently
  • Ensure land- and shore-based conditioned air and electrical power
  • Improve hangar operations and maintenance activities

So Many Reasons to Select JBT

While you have your pick of equipment manufacturers, choosing the one that’s going to serve you best clearly makes the most sense. By selecting JBT, you’re getting an unsurpassable combo: reputation and results.

JBT’s comprehensive products, services, and support enable us to fulfill your aviation-related activities. If you’re aiming for mission success – fix your sights on JBT.

More Than Just Defense Airport Equipment

While JBT’s stellar defense AGE will certainly tick all the boxes, our expertise extends far beyond the government defense perimeter. Our product portfolio also includes:

JBT’s machinery is in use at airports and defense installations around the globe. It’s consistently proven – in a staggering array of climates and terrains – that it can handle doing what you need to get done.

This is why high-level decision-makers and boots-on-the-ground operators alike trust JBT. We’re ready to outfit your air operations with our unbeatable solutions as well.

Five-Star Airport Services

Rugged equipment that can stand up to the extreme demands of defense usage is only part of the equation. To optimally and reliably run your operations, JBT also offers wide-ranging Airport Services:

We combine a smart mix of consulting, technology, skilled technicians, and more. JBT’s airport services are frequently the thing that links your supplies, machinery, operations, and personnel into a single high-functioning, end-to-end system.

Your Ally in Aviation

Managing an airport, base, or cargo logistics is a complex endeavor – perhaps even more so given often high-stakes defense context. When you work with JBT, you’re not flying solo. Think of our team of experts as wingmates at your side.

JBT’s duty is to serve you to the fullest of our abilities, which extends way past the sales horizon. To this end, we strive to build a collaborative, long-term relationship with you so we can actively help you address all your current and future operational needs.

All the AeroTech Solutions You Need in One Place

You’re in a good position when you’ve found a single source for all your aviation products, services, and support requirements. JBT can be that strategic partner for you now and as your needs evolve over time. Contact us today to see how our expansive offerings can fortify a breadth of defense field and base operations.