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Our Legacy

AeroTech has a long history of leadership in the aviation support industry.


FMC Airport Services is formed to provide dedicated maintenance for airline and airport handling equipment, as well as facilities maintenance, airport planning and apron management systems.

FMC Airport Services re-enters the military market with the design and development of the Halvorsen loader, selected by the USAF to replace all other 25K cargo loaders.

JBT Corporation is founded and introduced on the New York Stock Exchange (JBT) in 2008; FMC AeroTech is rebranded as JBT AeroTech.


Introduced the Ranger cargo loader for long-distance cargo loading operations.

Expanded sales into the Defense sector with AgileAir a single cart with bleed air, power and conditioned air capabilities.

Further developed iOPS a fleet management, monitoring and diagnostic platform for mobile and gate equipment.

Enhanced the JetAire pre-conditioned air family to include large capacity and air handling units.

2017 – 2019 – JBT acquires Aircraft Maintenance Support Services (AMSS), Ltd., a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality military and commercial aviation loading and servicing equipment and LEKTRO a privately held manufacturer of all-electric, towbarless tow tractors.

2023 – Oshkosh Corporation acquires AeroTech from JBT Corporation in an $800M cash transaction. Oshkosh manufactures specialty vehicles such as fire trucks, postal service vehicles, man lifts and defense vehicles.


FMC develops the world’s first commercial conveyorized breading machine.

Jetway® Apron Drive Passenger Boarding Bridges revolutionize the airline passenger boarding process.


FMC creates the first mobile de-icing system, developed from the John Bean spray pump legacy.

FMC develops the Flite-Line loader, a cargo handling system for the new containerized generation of jet aircraft, as well as the Flite-Line deicer, capable of deicing the largest jet liner.


FMC’s Airline Equipment Division grows to see its container and pallet loaders used by 35 airlines throughout the world.


FMC builds a new aviation equipment manufacturing facility in Orlando, Florida and acquires a second dedicated manufacturing facility for aviation equipment in Madrid, Spain; products include belt loaders, loaders, and deicers.

FMC introduces the Commander loader, featuring the new Heliroll® conveyor system, to meet container and pallet requirements.


FMC acquires Jetway Systems®, the world’s leading manufacturer of gate equipment, particularly passenger boarding bridges.

FMC introduces the first point-of-use pre-conditioned air unit, providing cooling for aircraft while parked at the gate – reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


We’re here to help every step of the way.