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LEKTRO® Aircraft Tugs

Planes on the ground can’t always maneuver themselves. Tight, awkward spaces or busy transit corridors make this impractical or unsafe.

Your crews need aircraft towing equipment that’s as capable and hardworking as they are. They require aircraft towing solutions that are powerful, precise, and agile. It’s the only way to keep things moving safely and efficiently out there on the tarmac.

It’s also what makes LEKTRO, from JBT, the sensible way to go. This line of premier aircraft power tow vehicles checks all the boxes – they’re easy to use, easy to own, and next-level reliable.

LEKTRO tugs stand out because of the different – and better! – way of performing. They’re designed to:

  • Require only one person to operate them
  • Protect the aircraft
  • Provide the optimal mixture of power, run time, usability, and energy efficiency

Whether you’re looking for one pushback tug or a fleet to handle all your runway towing tasks, JBT’s array of commercial series and military models has the perfect equipment for your airport operations.

If you have questions about these products – or how they facilitate your operations – contact our team today.

JBT Towing Equipment, Always a Smart Choice

JBT machinery holds a hard-earned and enviable leadership position in the GSE sector. Even a quick look at our stats reveals why. On top of the lowest ownership costs and best resale values in the market, our airplane tugs boast features and options galore.

Imagine reinventing – and improving – your operations with advantages like:

  • All-electric or diesel-electric hybrid power
  • High-maneuverability
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics
  • Intuitive, responsive controls
  • Able to accommodate diverse aircraft
  • Suitable for use on the ramp and in hangars
  • Compatibility with other ground support equipment
  • Customizable and configurable to suit your requirements
  • Quicker and easier to get up and running
  • Longer service life
  • More efficient and versatile than conventional aircraft tugs

The case for going with JBT LEKTRO is fairly compelling. If you need more convincing of our value and merits, though, here are a few more stand-out benefits of our equipment.

Brands Known For Pulling Their Weight (& Then Some)

LEKTRO, Inc. has been producing high-quality, electric, towbarless tractors for more than 50 years. In early 2019, LEKTRO joined the JBT AeroTech family. It was a coming together of two great brands with well-established, stellar reputations.

As part of the Ground Support Equipment business unit, LEKTRO is a major player in the general aviation and commercial airlines markets. With nearly 6,000 units in operation globally, LEKTRO is the trusted name in electric, towbarless vehicles. You’re in good company and in good hands when you opt for LEKTRO’s professional aircraft accessories.

Better Engineering Means Better Aircraft Tugs

From brainstorming to building, JBT thoughtfully designs airport tugs with you in mind. Your needs and challenges are the driving force behind all the features and functionality we’ve included.

In fact, here are just some of the attributes of LEKTRO products that customers like you love:

  • Constructed from the best processes and materials
  • Towbarless tractors system that’s gentler on aircraft landing gear
  • Available in 1-, 2-, or 3-seat options; enclosed cabs; and dual-helm cab configurations
  • Snow-plow attachments for all-weather, multi-purpose operations
  • Models capable of moving small, piston aircraft (15,000 pound / 6,800 kg) up to the B757 commercial airliner (280,000 pound / 127,000kg)
  • Purpose built chassis for great tow capability, low profile, and more
  • Heavy-duty with excellent traction facilitate safe, easy aircraft towing
  • Low maintenance
  • Zero emissions

Easy to operate, easy to maintain, and unfailingly reliable GSE – everything you expect and more in your LEKTRO tug. Your JBT machinery will help enhance your productivity, equipment longevity, and more. However, the real benefit is a streamlined ground support experience, which is sure to be a win for your business and your customers.

Aircraft Towing Made Easy

Your JBT aircraft tugs aren’t just robust. Using and owning them couldn’t be simpler. We’ve made sure that the operation and upkeep of JBT AeroTech is as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. Here are some of the things that make this possible:

Easy to Operate

  • Cradle-and-strap nose gear pick-up system enables one-person operations
  • Simple, ergonomic controls
  • Highly maneuverable with operator assist features
  • Minimal operational footprint to maximize hangar utilization
  • One-person operation minimizes manpower and training
  • All-weather capable enables usage in dry, wet, and snowy conditions

Easy to Maintain

  • All-electric designs for clean, reliable performance
  • Easy access to all components
  • Available with water feed systems
  • Available with charging units
  • On-board diagnostics

Aircraft Pushbacks/Tow Tractors – Guaranteed to Last

Airport operations are a 24/7/365 endeavor. Unplanned downtime is unacceptable. We at JBT couldn’t agree more.

That’s why our LEKTRO electric aircraft tugs are made to be as durable as can be. Check out some of the features that underscore our commitment to great reliability:

  • Simple strap winch and cradle system has minimal mechanical parts and sensors
  • All-steel construction
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant polyurethane paint system
  • Maintenance-free tires available

Clearly JBT tugs are sturdy powerhouses that stand up to the rigors of day-in, day-out use. Because our equipment is so solidly constructed, you’ll happily notice:

  • Minimal maintenance that’s easier and less expensive
  • More seamless operations with fewer performance issues
  • Increased productivity due to fewer usage interruptions

Your JBT aircraft towing equipment is crafted to help you push, pull, and position planes as quickly, accurately, effortlessly, and cost-efficiently as possible – time and after time.

“LEKTRO is one of the best additions to the AVJET family. The design and innovations of the vehicle makes towing aircrafts a smooth, safe and easy operation. The LEKTRO products along with the support from LEKTRO themselves has increased our operational efficiency as well as safety for our clients. We received positive feedback from our clients and it increases our confidence and satisfaction in using LEKTRO!”

– Lily Sim, Avjet Asia

Aircraft towing, on the ramp or in the hangar, requires power, precision, and finesse.  The LEKTRO aircraft pushback tractor from JBT combines all three capabilities. 

Contact us today for more information on the LEKTRO electric, towbarless aircraft tug.

Why JBT’s the Right Choice

Your job’s enough of a challenge as is. With JBT in your corner, it could be so much easier – and yield better results.

We’re proud to offer an extensive portfolio of products, services, and support to meet the many and diverse demands of operating an aerobusiness. If you need aviation support equipment or operational systems – JBT can take care of you. We’ve got the solutions you need to handle all your airport activities with success.

The Most AeroTech Equipment Options Around

Don’t quit while you’re ahead. JBT is primed and ready to fulfill all your aviation-related machinery needs – not just tugger trailers and pushback tractors. We have the best selection of other airport vehicles and advanced airport equipment, including:

JBT hardware is in service at airports around the world. Airport managers, ground equipment operators, and support personnel know they can depend on JBT. You can join them – we’re ready to tackle your operational challenges with our world-class equipment.

World-Class Airport Services

JBT has more than machinery in stock for you. As a global leader in Airport Services, we also offer:

Our approach – which artfully combines consulting, technology, skilled technicians, and more – is designed to serve you better. Many customers find that an airport services engagement is what creates a cohesive, effective system from otherwise disparate supplies and equipment, operations, and personnel.

Your Aerobusiness Ally

Sometimes airport operations can seem chaotic and overwhelming. Fortunately, with JBT you know that you’re not in the hangar or on the airfield alone.

We believe that partnering is the best approach to improving your business and ours. Long-term. collaboration eases the process of outfitting your business with GSE products and services. Plus, it gives JBT the chance to show you the attention and respect you deserve.

JBT’s ready to help you before, during, and after sales. It’s the only way you can get the most benefit from JBT. Our experts on hand to assist you anytime.

End-to-End Solutions for You

There’s no point in looking beyond JBT for your ground support equipment needs. We can provide all the comprehensive equipment and support services you require. JBT’s standing by to assist you – contact us today to see how to improve your airport operations.