Tempest-i™ Deicers


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The latest in deicing technology from Oshkosh AeroTech, the Tempest-i is your ultimate solution for unmatched winter performance. Don’t let winter weather ground your operations – soar above the cold with enhanced deicing performance, improved reliability, and simple maintenance.

Great Reliability

  • Single engine feature with higher loading, hotter exhaust temps, and less regen
  • Simple design – 39% fewer parts, 61% fewer fasteners
  • Advanced electrics with 260 fewer relays

Easy to Operate

  • Easier operations: Tempest-i gets you close to the work for easy visual inspection
  • Faster operations: Heated fluid is ‘ready to spray’ 50% sooner
  • BakTrak One Person Drive: Reverse one person boom drive controls oriented to operator, allows vehicle operation from boom and increases boom reach 15 feet
  • EZ-Jib: Synchronizes boom, jib, and Extend/Retract movements with single joystick actions
  • Boom Auto Park: Automatically replaces boom to correct stowage position
  • EXTRA-Reach: Allows boom to rotate 215° from forward center increasing reach and flexibility
  • Operator Presence Detection (OPD): Sets parking brake if operator leaves cab

Easy to Maintain

  • 13 gallon cyclone hydraulic system for minimal hydraulic fluid use
  • Excellent maintenance access with ground level service points and panels
  • Intuitive HMI display for improved on-board diagnostics
  • Trouble shooting guide and schematics
  • Easy access for filling fluid tank
  • Improved lighting of maintenance areas, cab controls, and boom controls


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