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Defense airfields are busy transportation hubs and often play a mission-critical role. As such, it’s imperative to have aircraft prepared to go — at any time of the year and in any conditions. Cold temps and freezing precipitation can’t keep planes grounded.

Enter JBT’s Tempest deicers. These robust vehicles are an ideal addition to your fleet of aircraft service equipment. Not only are they operational in severe environments, they’ll also enable your airplanes to be flight-ready.

JBT Tempest Deicer Trucks Are Hot Stuff

What makes Tempest deicers such stand-outs? JBT has ensured they’re loaded with functionality, reliable, and easy to own. With features like these, you’ll warm to our deicers without much more convincing.

  • Low profile, purpose-built chassis
  • Excellent stability, maneuverability, and visibility
  • Hydrostatic drive system for smooth and reliable operations
  • Swing out power module for easier maintenance
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Durable for unbeatable longevity

Even better — Tempest deicers from JBT can save time and money by melting away aircraft ground times and manpower costs. It makes for smart usage of budget and human resources.

Tempest Deicer Specs, Features & Benefits

The Tempest from JBT is packed with all the trappings you’d need or expect from market-leading deicers. These features empower your ability to routinely service aircraft rapidly, effectively, and securely.

  • Purpose-Built — Custom chassis designed specifically for aircraft deicing operations and exceptional stability
  • Safety — Cab with oversized windows so the operator has excellent visibility
  • Agility — Short turning radius for safely maneuvering around aircraft
  • Smooth — Hydraulic drive system provides a safer, more comfortable ride and reduces vehicle wear and tear
  • Serviceable — Single engine mounted on swing-out power module for faster repairs
  • Durable — Sturdy, proven components minimize upkeep and unplanned downtime
  • Support — Access to JBT’s global network of parts and technical staff

Reach out with questions about how these features can benefit your airbase.

Better Deicing through Smarter Design

Saying we take creating the best possible solutions seriously is an understatement. Innovation and addressing customer needs are everything.

Our approach incorporates deep knowledge and experience, user feedback from the field, and the latest in technological advances. All these inputs enable JBT to engineer features and functionality — like the ones highlighted here — required to run a high-performing airport operation.

  • Accommodates a range of aircraft
  • Suitable to use in extreme climates
  • More reliable and predictable service life
  • Compatibility with other equipment
  • Easy to operate with minimal training
  • Enviable longevity and value
  • Made using the latest processes and best materials
  • Built for durability using the finest materials and techniques

Such a stellar package of mechanical and usability attributes means you’re getting superb value, ownability, and logistical capability. Tempest deicers can help you boost productivity and safety, cut costs, and shorten aircraft turns. Plus, you can feel confident that your JBT Tempest will deice quickly and thoroughly every time they’re used.

Options & Models for Your JBT Tempest Deicer

While the base model is a fantastic performer, some scenarios require alternate qualities or capabilities. JBT offers Tempest deicer models that come with options such as:

  • AirFirst
  • Proportional-mix 
  • One-person drive 
  • Enclosed or open basket
  • Extended boom 
  • Aircraft washer

You can see how simple it is to get the exact Tempest deicer you need for your airport operations.

JBT AeroTech, Beyond Tempest Deicers

It would be nice if all you had to have on hand was a deicer truck. But, airbases are pulsing with all sorts of activities at all times in all manner of environments.

By working with JBT, you open yourself up to the possibility of improved operations. We can help you better manage logistics, equipment, facilities, and more. 

JBT offers streamlined access to an incredibly broad offering of products, services, and training. When your airport needs ground or gate machinery or systems and support — JBT has the solutions your operation requires to be lean and agile.

Best Selection of Airport Equipment

Tempest deicers are excellent pieces of hardware, but JBT boasts a colossal portfolio of other equipment, too. We can provide solutions for:

JBT machinery is stationed worldwide, keeping both civilian and defense airports humming. Everyone from airport operations managers to support personnel know that they can depend on their JBT equipment to perform optimally. With JBT machines at your site, you, too, can benefit from our exceptional offerings.

Top Guns of Aviation Logistics

Our offerings don’t end with world-class AGE, GSE, and gate equipment. JBT can supply the Airport Services you need to create an end-to-end aviation operation that’s seamless and high-functioning. We’re experts in:

JBT leverages consulting, technology, and skilled personnel to get you the best results. More often than not, this optimal blend of airport services is what turns stand-alone equipment, supplies, and workers into a cohesive and productive entity.

Your Wingman in the Defense Aerobusiness

Successful missions rarely happen in isolation. It takes a good team to yield the best outcomes. Airport operations are no different.

With JBT as a member of your fleet of partners, you can be confident in your approach to outfitting your airfield with the proper equipment and services. As your ally in aviation support, we can help ground any operational challenges before they have a chance to take off. 

We aim to forge a long-lasting and collaborative relationship with you. This makes addressing your needs a simpler, smoother task and lets us serve you more holistically and thoughtfully. Plus, since we’re here for you before, during, and after the sales process, you can derive even more benefit from JBT. Feel free to leverage the help of our specialists at any time.

Pulling Rank with Complete Solutions 

Once you’ve recruited JBT, there’s no need to keep scouting around for a comprehensive defense AGE supplier. We have all the equipment, support, and services you need to run an efficient operation. Contact us today to see how we can level up your airport activities.


We’re here to help every step of the way.