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Aircraft Passenger Steps

Customizable, easy-to-operate passenger boarding steps that are ideal for large regional aircraft up to main deck service for jumbo jets and the needs of today’s travelers

Oshkosh AeroTech – The Top-Tier of Passenger Steps

When it comes to airport operations, getting people – and their hand luggage – on and off airplanes safely and efficiently is crucial. This helps ensure satisfied consumers and smooth, timely airport operations. Oshkosh AeroTech’s mobile passenger steps have stepped up to the challenge. With both our self-propelled or towable steps, you’ll quickly see how well they facilitate passenger transfer activities.

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Self-propelled Passenger Steps

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Towable Passenger Steps

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With our mobile passenger steps, you’ll enjoy:

  • Excellent longevity and reliability
  • Plenty of design options for logistical flexibility and aesthetics
  • Innovative docking controls for safer, easier, and faster aircraft turns
  • Robust diagnostic and monitoring capabilities simplify operational readiness

In no time, you’ll notice how outfitting your operations with the proper passenger steps contributes to an improved aircraft turnaround.

Steps Euro Electric

Features & Benefits

Oshkosh AeroTech’s feature-laden passenger steps rise to the occasion. With so many capabilities and options, they consistently help you finish tasks rapidly, accurately, and securely.

  • Customizable – Chassis-mounted (custom-built or truck), towable, self-propelled, and all-electric configurations match passenger steps to your requirements
  • Range – Models available for servicing large regional aircraft up to the main deck of the A380
  • Safe – Corner stabilizers provide a steady platform, even with heavy passenger loads or in windy conditions
  • Maneuverability – Pivoting access platform gently and automatically aligns with fuselage for improved passenger experience, easier operation, and protection of aircraft
  • Assistive – Access platform equipped with an aircraft proximity sensors and optional hydrostatic pedestrian drive system to facilitate docking
  • Size – Wide staircase accommodates passengers with luggage or who are assisting others
  • Design – Available with enclosed cabs and staircases, multiple lighting schemes, powered steering, height adjustment, and more to create bespoke, purpose-driven solutions

If you have any questions about these features or their benefit to your operations, contact us today.


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