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Aircraft Passenger Steps

Customizable, easy-to-operate passenger boarding steps that are ideal for large regional aircraft up to main deck service for jumbo jets and the needs of today’s travelers

Aircraft Passenger Steps at terminal

JBT – The Top-Tier of Passenger Steps

Getting people – and their hand luggage – on and off airplanes safely and efficiently is crucial. This helps ensure satisfied consumers and smooth, timely airport operations.

JBT’s mobile passenger steps have stepped up to the challenge. Whether you have our self-propelled or towable steps on your tarmac, you’ll quickly see how they facilitate passenger transfer activities. It’s never been so simple to manage the tides of passengers, crew, carry-ons, and supplies!

Abundant with features and options, you can optimize JBT passenger steps for the planes and terminals at your airport. You have the flexibility needed to match your passenger boarding stairs to the particulars of your customers, climate, activities, and ancillary equipment.

With JBT’s mobile passenger steps, you’ll enjoy:

  • Excellent longevity and reliability
  • Plenty of design options for logistical flexibility and aesthetics
  • Innovative docking controls for safer, easier, and faster aircraft turns
  • Robust diagnostic and monitoring capabilities simplify operational readiness

In no time, you’ll notice how outfitting your operations with the proper passenger steps contributes to an improved aircraft turn.

Self-propelled Passenger Steps

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Towable Passenger Steps

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If you have any questions about these products – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

Designed to Work Better & Last Longer

The concept of continuous improvement has permeated all aspects and levels of management – including ground support. Anything that can streamline your gate activities and prevent unscheduled downtime is a boon to your business.

JBT thinks so, too, which is why we come to the drawing board with that “do better” attitude. The result? Our passenger steps incorporate the design elements and rigorous construction you need.

This purposeful functionality and durability makes it possible for you to maximize productivity and preserve equipment longevity. Because of JBT’s commitment to excellence, our aircraft passenger steps are:

  • Made using advanced techniques and the best materials
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Quicker and easier to deploy
  • Easier maintenance (and less of it)
  • More reliable operations

Passenger Boarding, with Ease

Orchestrating airport logistics is tricky enough without having confusing or awkward machinery to contend with as well. That’s not an issue with your JBT passenger steps, which are incredibly owner- and operator-friendly:

  • Well-positioned controls allow quick access and enable efficient operation
  • Intuitive operation requiring little training
  • Multiple built-in, automatic protection mechanisms to facilitate safe use
  • Self-docking option take guesswork out of one of the trickiest steps in passenger steps operation
Steps Euro Electric

Features & Benefits

JBT’s feature-laden passenger steps rise to the occasion. With so many capabilities and options, they consistently help you finish tasks rapidly, accurately, and securely.

  • Customizable – Chassis-mounted (custom-built or truck), towable, self-propelled, and all-electric configurations match passenger steps to your requirements
  • Range – Models available for servicing large regional aircraft up to the main deck of the A380
  • Safe – Corner stabilizers provide a steady platform, even with heavy passenger loads or in windy conditions
  • Maneuverability – Pivoting access platform gently and automatically aligns with fuselage for improved passenger experience, easier operation, and protection of aircraft
  • Assistive – Access platform equipped with an aircraft proximity sensors and optional hydrostatic pedestrian drive system to facilitate docking
  • Size – Wide staircase accommodates passengers with luggage or who are assisting others
  • Design – Available with enclosed cabs and staircases, multiple lighting schemes, powered steering, height adjustment, and more to create bespoke, purpose-driven solutions

If you have any questions about these features or their benefit to your operations, contact us today.

JBT, All Things AeroTech

Your long and varied task list is much easier to accomplish when you collaborate with JBT. That’s because we’re primed and ready to supply all the products and services required for your airport operations. JBT has your aerobusiness covered – end-to-end.

The Equipment You Need

Since you need to tackle so many different tasks, JBT offers a full range of Gate and Ground Support Equipment. We’re leaders in:

Our expansive portfolio includes everything from cargo loaders to tractorsscaffolding to simulators, and HVAC to power systems.

More than Products – A Partner

JBT’s got more in store for you than exceptional equipment. We’re also a leading provider of world-class Airport Services like:

Our service engagements are a winning combo of consulting, technology, and skilled technicians. They’re often what unites processes, people, and machinery into a cohesive and high-performing system. Invaluable!

Your Ally in Aviation – JBT

Products and services – while necessary components of all ground operations – will never form a complete solution. People are what make systems function as they should.

A You-Centric Approach

JBT doesn’t subscribe to the “make the sale and move on” paradigm. Instead, we aspire to build an enriching, productive, and enduring relationship with you.

This enables us to learn more about your business needs and to serve you more thoughtfully and holistically today – and down the line. Plus, it lets us show you the attention and respect you deserve. We think this is the right way to do business.

Connect with Experts

We’ve been soaring in the aviation support industry since the 1950s. This equates to a lot of lessons learned on our part. You’re highly encouraged to take advantage of JBT’s vast experience and expertise!

JBT provides premium support because we know running an aviation business can be full of challenges – and you shouldn’t have to fly solo when dealing with them.

We know the demands on the infrastructure, systems, and personnel. So, we’re prepared to assist you. Don’t hesitate to let our top-notch team be your go-to resource.


We’re here to help every step of the way.