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JBT Honors Gail Halvorsen

Recently, the world lost a great humanitarian – Gail Halvorsen.  Passing away at 101 years of age, the late Gail Halvorsen left a legacy of kindness and compassion toward the children of the world.  Known as the “Candy Bomber,” he and fellow service personnel, using tiny handmade parachutes, dropped an estimated 23 tons of candy to the impoverished children of Berlin during the 1948 Berlin Airlift at the start of the Cold War.

The US Air Force chose to honor Lt. Halvorsen’s deeds of kindness by naming their primary tactical cargo loader in his honor.

Gail Halvorsen

JBT Defense is proud to be associated with this legacy by supplying hundreds of the Halvorsen cargo loaders to the US Air Force and other agencies around the world. Thank you, Mr. Halvorsen.