• Aries Refrigerant-free Air Cart

    Aries Refrigerant-free Air Cart

    Refrigerant-free Aries defense conditioned air models supply conditioned air to defense fighter and cargo aircraft, at diverse ambient conditions, across a wide spread of temperature, flow, and pressure combinations. Features & Benefits Options & Models Read More…

  • JetAire® Mobile Conditioned Air and High Pressure Air Units

    JetAire® Mobile Conditioned Air and High Pressure Air Units

    Suitable for cooling large transport and specialty defense aircraft, the JetAire Large Aircraft Cooler (LAC) is an air-transportable, diesel powered, trailer unit capable of supporting C-17, C-130, A400M, P8, E7, and similar aircraft.  Ruggedized to defense standards, the Oshkosh AeroTech LAC is an ideal addition to your AGE fleet for supporting larger defense aircraft. The… Read More…

  • DASS Typhoon Cooling Cart

    DASS Typhoon Cooling Cart

    DASS Avionics Cooling Trolleys provide efficient, reliable air cooling for testing of ram air avionics pod turbines. They supply the Typhoon fighter DASS system with vacuum airflow for simulated ram air intake via wing tip pod exhaust. DASS Avionics Cooling Trolleys are defense tough and air-transportable. Features & Benefits Details Read More…