JetAire® Large Aircraft Cooler (LAC)

JetAire Military Large Aircraft Cooler 1

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Suitable for cooling large transport and specialty defense aircraft, the JetAire Large Aircraft Cooler (LAC) is an air-transportable, diesel powered, trailer unit capable of supporting C-17, C-130, A400M, P8, E7, and similar aircraft.  Ruggedized to defense standards, the JBT LAC is an ideal addition to your AGE fleet for supporting larger defense aircraft.

The LAC is designed to support a diversity of aircraft and therefore operates across an extraordinary range of outputs for service in even extreme environments.  Easy to operate and maintain, the JBT LAC is controlled by a single PLC and HMI housed in an EMC screening control box.  The HMI is intuitive in function, displaying graphics of aircraft types, unit performance, engine performance, comprehensive readout of faults and extensive maintenance screens.

Features & Benefits

  • Broad Range of Outputs: Individually VFD-controlled compressor and blower speeds
  • Large Operating Envelope: -22⁰F to 131⁰F / -30⁰C to 55⁰C
  • Flexible Output Airflow: 45 to 400 ppm / 0.34 to 3.02 kg/s
  • Wide Range of Pressures: 0.54 to 1.44 PSI / 3.72 to 9.93 kPa
  • Extended Run Time: 100 gal / 378 L fuel tank, 8 hours of operation
  • Air Transportable: Compliant with defense standards (UK MoD DEFStan 00-3)
  • Easy to Operate: Ackerman Steering / Hand Brake, HMI controls
  • Reliable: Fabricated in ISO 9001 facility
  • Great Output Control: 3 refrigeration circuits, variable speed screw compressors, each VFD controlled

Options & Models

  • Weight: 15421 lbs. / 6995 kg
  • Length: 194 in. / 493 cm
  • Width: 96 in. / 244 cm
  • Height: 94 in. / 239 cm
  • OEM Approvals: Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup Grumman
  • NSN: 1730-99-476-7781


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