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Easy to Transport, Easy to Use

Mobil MAGG is a combination pre-conditioned air unit and 400 Hz ground power unit designed to fit in the volume of about one-third a standard ISO container.  The unit is designed to service the Gripen fighter and others in extreme cold environments.  Using utility power or power from a diesel generator, the Mobil MAGG is ready to ship anywhere, anytime supplying the conditioned air and power you need for your defense fighters.

Features & Benefits

Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA)

The Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) system produces high-pressure, chilled air to keep avionics on the aircraft cool while 400 Hz power is applied.  The module utilizes both a refrigerant direct-expansion system and a custom-designed, glycol air-to-air heat exchanger.  Two outputs provide cooling for up to two aircraft simultaneously and each feature a manually actuated valve.  A unique design element is the secondary glycol cooling system for use in extreme cold-weather conditions — when the direct-expansion module would be severely degraded (below 14⁰F).

400 Hz Power

The 400 Hz system uses a solid-state power converter that accepts incoming 400 VAC, 50 Hz power (60Hz Option) and generates 115 VAC, 400 Hz power.  The system is nominally rated at 45 kVA and supplies two 22.5 kVA outputs.  The 400 Hz system is interlocked with the PCA system.

A solar power augmentation system is also part of this unique defense air and power device.

Performance Characteristics

Nominal Characteristics*Mobil MAGG
ConfigurationStatic w/Forklift Pockets: Sized w/in ISO 20 ft Container
PowerUtility Power Input 400/3/50 Hz with 60 Hz Option
Aircraft (Serviced)Gripen JAS 39, F15, 18, 35
Air TransportableC-130, C 17, C 5, A400M
ModesCool DX, Cool Glycol, 400 Hz Power, Diagnostics Mode
Ambient Envelope-51⁰ to +120⁰F/-46⁰- +49⁰C
Weight8200lbs / 3719kg
Nominal Pressure and Flow100 ppm at 5 psi, Variable 50 to 120 ppm, up to 8 psi
RefrigerantR134A and Glycol Loop
Glycol Pump100 GPM
400 Hz OutputDual each 22.5 kVA, 115/200/400 Hz
StandardsMil Std 704F, JS-66593, ISO 9001
50Hz Output (Receptacle)Dual 230/1/50 Hz and 230/400/3/50 Hz
*Subject to Change


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