Jetpower® Cable Reel

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The 400 Hz cable reel from JBT extends cable life, simplifies connection of your 400 Hz GPU to the aircraft, and saves you money as the aircraft APU can be shut down sooner. Easily integrates with your Jetpower 400 Hz converters.

Saves Money

  • Extends cable life
  • Protects power cables from damage between aircraft turns
  • Deploys only the amount of cable needed for connection
  • Helps to shut down the APU sooner
  • Easily mates to Jetpower converters

Easy to Operate

  • One-touch power and reel activation
  • Less exertion for ground crews – assists with cable movement
  • Stores up to 30m / 100 ft of 400 Hz cable

Easy to Maintain

  • Cable changes in approximately 15 minutes
  • UHMW roller cradle prevents cable damage
  • Easy access panels
  • Maintenance free – direct drive system, steel enclosure, sealed ball-bearings


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